How did our Camera Roll survive pre-Flic? This Tinder-like app to sort out and clear out your camera roll seems to be the best idea to come out of app creation department for a while now.

Alright, let me explain. Thanks to the gigantic space needed by iOS 8, most of us (ME!) had to delete a bunch of photos and videos in order to clear up some space (cuz heaven forbid I have to delete an app). If you ever deleted photos on your phone (or iPad) before, you know that it’s a bloody annoying task. Either you have to guess which photo to keep or delete by browsing tiny little thumbnails or you delete them one by one.

So if you’re anything like me, you upload everything to iPhoto on your laptop to deal with when you’re running out of space on your laptop. Space management at its best.


But now we have Flic, glorious, simple, fun-to-use Flic! If you’re familiar with Tinder (and let’s not pretend; yes, of course you are!) then you’ll find Flic’s usability familiar. A swipe to the right means ‘keep’ and swipe left means ‘discard’ this rejected photo!

Flick display each photo with how much space that photo is taking, the date taken and asks you if you want to keep or trash it. Not only that it periodically asks you to clear out your photos so you don’t have to remember to take out the trash (geddit?).

This level of ease doesn’t come free though. Be ready to part with the all mighty $0.99 when purchasing the app in the App Store. But that’s an almost-dollar that is well spent. Enjoy… and you’re welcome.

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