An English teacher at Central Florida Aerospace Academy was recently arrested for sleeping with a 17-year-old student during a four-month romance that involved a pregnancy and an abortion.

The 29-year-old teacher told the boy’s mother that she was in love with her son and that she wanted to have a relationship with him despite the decade age difference. After the arrest she admitted to several sexual encounters with the boy.

Florida Teacher Caught Cradle-Robbing

According to a sworn affidavit, Jennifer Christine Fichter said the relationship began in November 2013 and the sex took place during early morning hours in her Toyota pickup truck.

Detectives also interviewed the teen student who told them he and his teacher met for sex three times in a parking lot of a Lakeland apartment complex and three times at a location off New Tampa Highway. He also said they had sex at least four times outside the city in Polk and Hillsborough, and those encounters are under investigation in those counties, police confirmed.

The teen’s mother grew suspicious in January 2013 when she noticed that her son wasn’t at home at 5 a.m. and when asked about his whereabouts he lied to her. She started going through his text messages and discovered texts from two names and one discussed an “age difference,” said police.

The teen admitted that both names were aliases used by Fichter when his mother confronted him. She then went straight to the police to report her son’s teacher.

In cooperation with the police, the mother made a recorded phone call to Fichter as part of the investigation. During the call Fichter told the mother that she had gotten pregnant with the teen’s child and had an abortion.

Florida Teacher Caught Cradle-Robbing

The teacher also said she was in love with the student, slept with him 20 to 30 times, and that she wanted to maintain the relationship and that she had no regrets or remorse.

Fichter faces six counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. She’s been arrested and booked at the Polk County Jail where she awaits trial.

Due to his adolescence, local authorities have withheld the 17-year-old’s name although local media in Florida published his picture. He apparently doesn’t feel bad about the relationship with his teacher and will support her during the trial.

So far the 17-year-old boy is the only student Fichter had a relationship with at the academy where she taught but police haven’t ruled out that others will be revealed during the investigation.

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