The stark reality is that women do not slink about the house in see-through silk camisoles smelling faintly of lavender and vanilla, lips pretty pink and hair piled up in flattering curls that frame their make-up-free but beautiful glowing faces.

The 50s housewife of glamorous sex kitten perfection well and truly died the day a smart woman decided to put on her man’s white cotton t-shirt as she watched some telly. She has never taken them off.


In fact, while most women lull men into relationships with delightfully flimsy little knickers, the cotton underwear and holey t-shirts are bound to make an appearance not long after she believes she has you on lock down.

Despair not, as these fresh lingerie gift ideas will have her tarted up and in the mood for some fun with her man.

To make it easy, we’ve broken it down to three categories.


1) Naughty
Lure out the sexually deviant bedroom dominatrix in her with some lace suspenders that hook onto thigh high see-through stockings. Hunt down an Agent Provocateur and score your lady a playsuit of lace, satin and bows that twist and bind around the body in a maddeningly teasing way.

If the onslaught of lace, underwear and tricky clasps and ties are too much for you, score a pair of bedazzled nipple pasties and have her rock them with a pair of red stilettos.


2) Flirty
Watch your woman transform into a sexy Lolita in sheer babydoll camisoles, chemises, or my personal favorite, a teddy. The major plus point is that most camisoles, chemises and teddies are made of soft, slinky and ultra-comfortable material, thus making it more wearable and versatile. Expect welcome surprises like your gift finding it’s way into bed every other night, or your woman wearing it under her office attire all day to prime herself for a slutty evening with you.

FYI, for the uninformed, a camisole is like a tank top, but not, a chemise resembles a really short slutty dress, and a teddy is like a tank top that became one with a pair of tiny knickers.

3) Vintage
Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting pantaloons, layered petticoats and starched underwear. Rather, take her out for a real treat and have her fitted for a beautiful custom designed corset or bustier. Word of caution, do not be a cheap Charlie and pick up a generic corset and bustier off some provincial lingerie shop. You want one that will fit her like a glove, push in bits and push others up and out for your viewing pleasure.

Alternatively, buy her a string of pearls and some lace gloves and have her wear them with a pair of heels and nothing else. Nothing turns a woman on more than expensive jewelry. Sit back and watch her put on a show for you.

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