FRIED Comics: Shocking, Twisted… and Awesome

In a recent interview with Alexandre O. Philippe, the Doc of the Dead creator and creative director of Exhibit A Pictures shared his love for comics and the creation of his very own comics publishing house. FRIED Comics, co-created by Philippe and his friend Clay Adams, is an edgy and twisted provider of creatively gruesome stories that mix fiction and history, resulting in unapologetically awesome comics. In their website’s own words, the comic house is “an equal opportunity offender.”

For fans of the weird, dark, and hilariously violent, FRIED is definitely for you.

FRIED Comics: Shocking, Twisted… and Awesome

According to Philippe and information provided on the site, the gang over at FRIED has three main titles at the moment, Pregnant Bitches of War, Deadskins!, and Red Xmas. Philippe sent me some early issues of the first two, and I must say, it is some twisted and sublimely transgressive material, leaving me hungry for more of FRIED’s particular style of narrative and gore.

Pregnant Bitches of War is a time travel story about these six women who get plucked from the time stream by a young Nikola Tesla and show up in pre-WWII Germany where they accidentally kill a young Hitler and make the world worse,” said Philippe about the first title. “So now Joseph Goebbels is the ruler of the world, which is called the Imperium, so with Tesla they have to find a way to fix their mess.”

FRIED Comics: Shocking, Twisted… and Awesome

I got the chance to read the first volume of this alternate psychotic, fun romp through altered history, and it’s not for the light of heart. There’s creative torture and murder from the get go, and some wonderfully eerie panels of a young Hitler before, of course, pregnant ladies reign death upon him. Every next couple of pages you find yourself praising Philippe and company for their ever-inventive ways of showing just how dark and brutal the comics form can be. Anything that opens with this:

“Ok – so you can’t tell from this angle, but the guy sucking my tit…? That’s Adolf Hitler. Makes a girl wonder how she got to be so lucky…”

…is nothing but pure, disturbing brilliance. Nothing held back here. You’ll love it.

According to Philippe, “Deadskins! is a reinvention of Custer’s Last Stand. It’s like where we want to say what they told you in school is bullshit, this is the true story.” I had a chance to read the first issue of this bloody adventure as well, and I was surprised how different it was than the other comic. The art is black and white, except for the buckets o’ blood introduced by page three, and the characterization is funnier–of course, both comics have stellar, well-written characters.

FRIED Comics: Shocking, Twisted… and Awesome

Best part about it is the complete lack of political correctness. It’s a cowboy story, and you can guess how the sauntering fellers in the comic speak. Of course, any historical accuracy pales in the dark light of zombies and more zombies. Custer’s Last Stand never got my attention till Philippe and company added in deliciously gratuitous (implied) sex acts, blood rivers, and zombified natives.

Last but not least, “Red Xmas,” said Philippe, “is the story about Santa going nuts after his wife, Glen Claus, gets crushed under a pile of gifts.” Unfortunately, the comic’s not out yet, but if any of the preview art of Kris Kringle’s face expanding into wide-eyed, smiling insanity is any indication, we’re in for another warped ride from the folks over at FRIED. I’m literally on the edge of my seat, expectantly wide-eyed like an addled Santa.

According to Philippe, the first five issues of Pregnant Bitches of War are available on Amazon and their site, and the first three on Comixology. Deadskins! comes in a colored and a black/white/red edition, the Painted Desert and Bareback editions, respectfully. You can find the Painted Desert volume on the website, the other set to come out soon. And Red Xmas should be ready for a blood-filled yuletide, so ready yourself. But until then, some deep fried madness awaits the comics enthusiast in you.

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