Future Sex Tech: The Five New Technologies That Will Change Sex Forever. #3 Haptic Tech

Here it comes, faster than you think: the world of tomorrow. And, even better, it’s going to be a very erotic future!

We’ve delved into the visual sexuality of virtual and augmented reality, and then 3D printing equipment that’ll bring dreams into fabricated existence. But what we’ve been missing so far, that’ll really turn any erotic dream into pretty-near reality, is what people call haptic technology.

That’s a sense of touch, to you and I.

True, touch tech has been around for quite a while – at least as long as the earliest attempts at virtual reality. Given, in erotic circles, the less-than-sensual label of teledildonics, the idea is simple enough: wire a motorized ‘accessory’ to the web, or specialized games, and have at it… or have it at you. Whatever rocks your world, as they say.

Alas, those early attempts were rather crude, to be polite. But that’s changing and fast. New Bluetooth vibrators – for every orientation and inclination – are small, efficient, and even stylish. Models such as the We-Vibe can even connect to special smartphone apps, as can the tech by a company called OhMiBod. Pretty soon we’ll be able to mate them to specialized virtual or augmented reality games so you’ll be able to not just see your wildest sexual fantasy but have a pretty realistic illusion of being touched.

Ah, but what about the other direction? Being touched is one thing – we are getting pretty close to that, but being able to reach out and virtually touch is really the next big thing. One possible direction this development will take is using direct neural interface: wiring technology directly into the brain. We already have made huge advances in this direction, like the development of prostheses with an actual sense of touch.

One problem with this tech, though, is the whole “drill a hole into your skull thing.” Luckily, there have been even greater leaps in avoiding that – and the ramifications are going to be staggering.

The geniuses at the Shinoda Lab at the University of Tokyo have developed what they are calling an “Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display.” Basically it gives the a very realistic illusion of touch: you put your hand out and a special sonic projector tickles your fingertips… or, in the future, anywhere else you want it to.

I mean, just think of the possibilities! A projected hologram could, for the first time, be something you could actually feel: the texture of skin, hair, lips, fabric… whatever you want with some tweaking of that ultrasound frequency.

Concerned about privacy? Well, why not mate this tech with virtual or augmented reality? There you are, wearing your gear but when you put your hand out, you’ll get the lifelike simulation that your private erotic creation is really, wildly there.

What’s even more staggering is when you realize that this technology could very well reproduce not just reality but any – and I do mean any – fantasy. Why be limited to flesh and blood? You could play with lovers made of metal, or wood, or water, or any combination you can think of. Literally, you could feel whatever your mind could imagine!

Sure, some of this is a few more years away but if there’s anything we’ve learned about technology over the past decade or so is that it’s not a matter of if but when… and that the future is going to be amazing, both to see and touch!

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