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We’ve all been there, when we wish some cool gadget we’ve seen in a movie was real. In this day and age, it’s not too far fetched a wish. A lot of movie gadgets have seen the light of reality and are now gracing our world – or at least some version of the gadget is.

Now, I’m no geek – ok, well who am I kidding, yes I am – so I’ve decided to do a little research into which cool gadgets are now a reality. Not all of them are gadgets, I know, and perhaps they’re not as impressive now as they were when they first came out in the movies (especially old school Bond movies) but it’s still impressive that something that was once a figment of some movie writer’s imagination is now a reality in our world. Gives me hope for my one-push-no-water-shower idea. Just step in, push a button and magically you’re clean in 1 minute. Brilliant. Now who’s going to make that?


Minority Report: Personalized Billboards

This movie was filled with stuff I wanted to be real. Especially the swishy thingy Tom Cruise did with his hands in order to move files around or access files or whatever. Instead, we get this slightly creepy technology of a billboard that recognizes age and gender and can then offer custom shopping suggestions. At least it still can’t call you out by name. Who knows what kind of privacy infringement needs to happen for that to become a reality.


Diamonds are Forever: Fingerprint scanner

No Bond movie is complete without a host of gadgets – many which have made it into the real world. Sure, a fingerprint scanner is no big deal now, especially since some laptops even come with them, but back when Bond was fooling Tiffany Case and her biometric scanner with his fake fingerprint it was pretty snazzy!

Star Trek: Replicator/3D Printer

Ok so 3D printers don’t exactly produce food, but with this technology we’re closer to producing plastic parts! Yay! Also, NASA has invested a lot of money into producing 3D Pizzas. Which is closer to the real Star Trek Replicator!


Iron Man: Exoskeleton

I mean come on, who wouldn’t want Iron Man’s suit? Nerds the world over will fight over this. Obviously the US Military has been trying to replicate it for years and as early as 2014 we might be able to see a prototype of the RB3D Hercule. Granted it looks clunky and nowhere as cool as Iron Man’s suit, but it’s a start!

Back to the Future 2: Google Glass

This is probably one of the few toys that actually bring tears to my eyes! With so many possibilities, it is part scary (in terms of how much we’ll end up depending on technology for our day to day life) and part awesome. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wished for a device that can take photos while snapping my eyes and Glass comes very close to that. Not only that it takes videos, shares, records and more right in front of your eyes!

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