Yes, we are going to talk about socks. I know it seems like a trivial thing, tucked into your shoes, and under your trousers but sometimes it’s the details that complete the look. Just like the tie and cufflinks, socks can help make or break your look. Take for instance wearing gym socks with your suit. Such travesty can never tolerated.

Gym socks belong nowhere but the gym. Same goes for gym shoes. Not to be confused with casual sneakers of course. Anyway, back to socks. Nowadays men’s socks come in so many different colours and designs it’s so much fun to play around with them. And yet, I’ve mostly seen black socks and (heaven forbid) white socks on the feet of most men.

It is such a delight to see a man with sock-confidence. Daring to go where most men cringe away from. Anyway, we’re here to provide you with a quick guideline to buying and wearing socks! Hopefully you too shall enjoy the benefits of happy feet! Enjoy!


The Cover Story

• When wondering what color socks to wear with your clothes, remember than socks should match the color of your trousers and not your shoes.

• The more formal the occasion the thinner the socks should be. And the darker it should be. This is not one of the times to wear your bright, print socks.

• If you find a nice pair of black/grey socks, buy up a bunch of the same design so that you won’t have the problem of losing a sock. This way, since they’re all the same design, you don’t have to worry about matching them up.

• NO gym socks with suits.

• If your socks have started wearing out, throw them out. There is nothing as unsightly as a well dressed man with holey socks.

• Which reminds me, always wear good socks at airports, especially since they get you to take off your shoes for security. You don’t want to be that guy sheepishly walking around in worn out socks.

• Don’t wear thick, heavy socks with dress shoes. Even if they’re dark coloured. It just doesn’t sit right.

• If you’re going for the sock-less look, but don’t like sweating into your shoes, buy a few pairs of No Show Socks in the color of your shoes or your feet.

• Argyle socks can be either trendy or conservative (usually seen on the feet of golfers) but done right can look pretty stylish.

• Dress socks should come up to the calf so that when you sit, you still see the socks, and not your legs peeking through from underneath.

• Even though I said socks should match the color of your trousers, there are a lot of nice, colorful, patterned socks in trend now. It is fun to occasionally go on the wild side of socks and pick a bright color to contrast your trousers.

• Please don’t wear black socks and shorts. Actually if you’re wearing shorts, you should be sock-less (or wearing no show socks).

• And finally, please, please don’t wear socks and sandals. This look never looks good no matter what.

Socks aren’t too expensive to buy, so I say, take a chance and experiment! But keep these guidelines in mind. What do you think about socks and sandals and other socks faux pas?

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