It might seem counterintuitive to want your partner to fuck other people while you don’t fuck anyone else but your partner, but that is the world of Cuckolding. This fetish has existed for a long time but has only recently seen a rise in the scene. Perhaps because swinging and open relationships are becoming more popular and ‘accepted’ (and I use that word loosely) and more information is available freely (and without judgment) – plus the fact that it is much easier and safer to find partners online – that Cuckolding is fast becoming the new – dare I say – ‘trend’ out there.

For the uninitiated, the term Cuckolding originates from when a man had an adulterous wife, but in recent years, Cuckolding refers to a BDSM trend where a man wants his wife (referred to as ‘Hotwife’ on the scene) to fuck and get fucked by other men. Usually these men don’t have any interest in fucking other women. The pleasure comes from knowing that the wife is getting fucked by another man (or men).

I sat down with famous cuckolding couple Miau Miau (she’s Miau Miau and he’s Mr. M) from Mexico City, who have been in the lifestyle for over two years. They’ve been married for two years and have been practicing the lifestyle throughout. They’ve been featured in Playboy Mexico, Chilango Magazine, Channel 11 TV and other media outlets in Mexico.

Both Miau Miau and Mr. M share with us here not only some of their adventures in Cuckolding but also how they got in the scene and how you can too, if you choose to. Grab on to your hats because it’s a wild one!

Getting the Lowdown on Cuckolding with Cuckold Couple Miau Miau

What got you interested in this lifestyle?

Miau Miau (MM): We’ve always had an intense libido, even before meeting each other. The thing is that none of our past partners were able to connect with us on a sexual level. Mr. M always dreamed of finding a girl who was willing to cuckold him, he even tried to share this idea with all of his ex-girlfriends, but was never able to fully turn their curiosity into reality.

Mr. M (Mr.M): Miau Miau was always aware of her sexual appeal, and had a lot of bed partners in the past, none of them fully able to release her inner ‘slut’. She had to dress ‘like a lady’ and ‘not walk naked around the house’ because that could upset her former boyfriends.

The week we met we discussed our expectations, even in the bedroom, and discovered we were really in tune with each other. She was living in Paris and I was in Mexico City, and on her first visit to MexCity we went on a swinger spree, crashing different clubs like Casa Swinger, El Club de Pedro. Libertines and Dreams. We became addicted to the lifestyle, but also found out our cuckold tendency instead of a swinger tendency.

How did you get involved in this lifestyle?

MM: Mr. M was always looking for a girlfriend to share this style with him, even when he was a teenager. When we got together at first he told me about his fantasies and I became thrilled by the idea of hitting a swinger club. But before that we became members of SDC, one of the most popular dating sites in the lifestyle. To see if we were really prepared for it, first we met a couple at a hotel. Both of them were really sexy and friendly, but once we started to touch each other, it was clear Mr. M’s intention was never to get intimate with the lady, but instead watch both members of the couple with me. It was then clear for him that he was a cuckold; still, he was not aware of the term as a lifestyle. That came after a lot of adventures, while searching the web. He discovered, a site run by a bull (a man on the look for couples who want to dwell in cuckoldry) with tips, interviews and articles, as well as cuckold comics and male chastity forums. For him it was an eye–opener to see it was a trend and he wasn’t alone.

Mr.M: For Mrs. Miau Miau it was a slow process for dealing with the lust as well as having to keep it low profile and not abusing my trust and wellbeing. Upon a lot of encounters with different men, some gangbangs and some dates by herself in Paris and in Mexico City, both of us developed our current situation within the cuckold world.

Getting the Lowdown on Cuckolding with Cuckold Couple Miau Miau

How do you find men?

MM & Mr.M: Even though we’re pretty big on Twitter (with almost 90 thousand followers), we never use it to find dates. Instead we rely on swinger websites and clubs. That, we feel, is an advantage for any couple, as validations and word–of–mouth from other couples are a nice weapon when searching for single men.

How do you pick men to sleep with?

MM & Mr.M: We pick them up on swinger websites. See if they fit our criteria (well endowed, educated, healthy, responsible, fun, tall, mature) according to their validations, or we meet them in clubs, where it’s way easier to decide if both of us want to take the chat to the next level. One of the things we do when reading validations is also to view profiles of the couples who did the rating and see if they’re anything like us. It’s sort of a double-check.

What are good traits you look for in a man to sleep with?

MM: We want what we consider to be an ‘alpha male’. Tall, educated, wholesome, well endowed and with really rock hard erections. Mr. M longs for me to fuck men who are better lovers and who he might feel as ‘better men’ than he is. In the end we think that’s every cuckold marriage’s fantasy; to find a boyfriend for the hotwife (slang for a wife in the cuckold lifestyle) who will please her in ways her hubby can’t.

What has been your best experience so far?

Mr.M: Once in Paris we met a French guy who introduced us to our first black male. That one time was really nice, as both of them pleased Miau Miau while I waited outside the room. That was a nice game to play for us.

Getting the Lowdown on Cuckolding with Cuckold Couple Miau Miau

Have you had any negative experiences?

Mr.M: Yeah, sometimes men cheat on their wives but tell us they’re ‘single’. Once we ran into a guy who obviously suffered from gonorrhea. And we had a case of a guy flipping out when failing to get constant whatsapp messages from Miau Miau.

How does someone who wants to participate start in this lifestyle?

MM & Mr.M: We’ve always thought it’s better to first hit a swinger club, since you’re entitled to watch if that’s what you like. You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel like doing and there’s also the safety issue. It’s a nice way to start.

What different types of cuckolding fantasies are there?

Mr.M: Well… That’s a little hard to describe. For us it might be nice to have a regular bull to take Miau Miau dancing and then hit the hotel, while sending me pictures, video, and making some phone calls while they’re at it. Kind of a boyfriend. But there are couples who also love humiliating the cuckold by forcing him to suck the bull’s cock, wearing women’s clothing and even letting the wife become impregnated by the bull’s seed. It’s as wide as you might want to.

How do you remain safe in the scene?

MM & Mr.M: We’re constantly testing for STDs and HIV. We never contact men who are not validated by the site and other couples.

Getting the Lowdown on Cuckolding with Cuckold Couple Miau Miau

What are the usual ‘rules’ in cuckolding?

Mr.M: The main one is: husband only has intercourse with his wife, and the hotwife can be as promiscuous as she wants to. The husband must be aware of every affair. It’s not about cheating, it’s about trust. They both have to be very explicit when discussing their own rules and expectations about it.

How can you bring this lifestyle up with your partner?

Mr.M: We think it’s always better to be as honest as you can be. If you want to start up in this lifestyle, as a husband, it’s important to let your wife know she’s the core of all your fantasies and you want to share this because you love her and it’s part of your marriage, not something you just want for yourself.

Any tips for newbies? 

MM & Mr.M: Never give her personal information unless you’re sure she will be safe with other males. It’s better if the husband is the one talking to the guys. Always bring your own condoms and if you’re willing to engage in intercourse without them, request recent health tests. Meet your potential partners in a safe environment that you can control. Never hit their homes before getting to know them in public places.

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