If you’re a regular reader of BaDoink, you might remember our interview with Adam Lash, co-writer, co-creator and one of the stars of a brand new web series called Gigahoes. Gigahoes is a mockumentary set in the future and focuses on an escort agency called Artificial Intelligence. What with this being the future, the sex workers at AI are all robots, and the series follows the agency as it tries to navigate a new market set to be filled with cheaper, better sex-bots.

Back when we originally interviewed Adam, he and his crew were still raising funds via Kickstarter to get the show made. Well, this week, on Tuesday October 21st at 3pm, the Internet finally said hello to the premier of the series (available to watch on YouTube or on the Gigahoes website).

To celebrate the culmination of two years of writing and planning, Adam and the cast and crew of Gigahoes got together at New York’s Industry Bar for the Gigahoes Premier Party. And, of course, was there to talk to the whole gang, to find out what they did on the show, how excited they were and what their hopes were and, because, for the time being, we’re only human, what some of them might do if they had sex-bots of their own.

First up was Adam himself, joined by the other co-creator, co-writer and co-star of the show, Kevin Gilligan. Both of them were in very high spirits. “I’m extremely excited for the show to come out as we’ve been working on it for 2 years,” says Adam. “It’s been a labor of love… but it has been a labor. I’m really looking forward to having it done so the world can see it.”

Gigahoes: At The Web Series Premier Party
Kevin Gilligan (left), David Wright (middle) and Adam Lash (right)

“The nerves are hitting now,” Kevin tells us. “I’m like really anticipating and waiting for people’s reactions. I think I’ll be watching other people rather than the premier… do they like it, do they get it, are they laughing… what do they think of Adam’s ass?”

If you’re wondering, Adam’s ass (Adam plays one of the sex-bots) makes a pretty impressive appearance in the show’s opening episode. Be warned.

The guys have high hopes for the show. “Well, it’ll be great if a whole bunch of people watched it,” says Adam. “And amongst those people,” muses Kevin, “would be some studio execs who think, you know what, this would be great on FX, HBO…” Adam interrupts excitedly, “Netflix is doing lots of cool things, this would be perfect for Netflix!”

You heard him, Netflix!

Kathleen Moriarty is an actress on the show, playing what she describes as “a kind of deranged mom” who hires sex-bots for her son “from time to time, to micromanage his life.” When we meet her, she’s dressed like a sort of porn fantasy cop. “I kind of came dressed up tonight… I don’t know why, but I guess my name would be Lt. Lockdown and I’d arrest you if you were a bad boy and spank you.”

Does that mean she would have preferred to be a sex-bot? “They actually have me in one of the scenes in just an apron,” she says by way of an answer, “so, you know, I was almost hoping I’d be a sex-bot.”

Gigahoes: At The Web Series Premier Party
Sam Jackel

Next we spoke to Sam Jackel, who has what sounds like a pretty unsatisfying job as far as the Gigahoes universe goes. “I play a small part as a union fluffer, which is clearly not needed in a robot sex world. I think we all know what a porn fluffer does… I think for robots, they just sit around and eat.” For those who don’t know, a porn fluffer’s job is to basically keep the male performer, how to put it delicately, ready to go, between takes. Sam’s character sounds like the kind of guy who could do with a sex-bot. Sam himself apparently doesn’t. “I’d probably give it away,” he tells us. “To someone in need… homeless perhaps… or an orphan child.” Sam would make an awesome Santa.

Molly Fahey, who plays the very real and organic porn star Serena Cummers, has a more practical use for a sex-bot. “I think I’d use it as my stand in. Sometimes you get those little roles and you wish you had a stand in so you didn’t have to stand there every day.” As far as the Gigahoes premier goes, Molly is super upbeat. “I think it’s awesome… Anybody who works really hard on a project and can see it actually come to fruition, it’s awesome.” And what does she think about Adam and Kevin? “Anybody that creates art and gives acting opportunities to others should be commended,” she says decidedly.

Gigahoes: At The Web Series Premier Party
Molly Fahey

Molly’s not the only person playing a human porn star in the show. April Kidwell also has that honor. “My character is a famous porn star, for winning a world Guinness book record… for taking the most cocks or something.” So, she’s not worried about sex-bots infringing on her business. In which case, maybe she’d have some other use for one? “I’d use it,” she says without hesitation. “I’d make sure it had a detachable penis and I would grind myself all over it and sit right on top and use my Hitachi magic wand.” April is clearly meant to thrive in the future times.

Gigahoes: At The Web Series Premier Party
April Kidwell

The series’ director, David Wright, got the gig after the director originally intended to helm the project had to pull out. “My girlfriend, she’s an actress and a comedian, and she knew Kevin and Adam… they had everything set to go… they needed someone quickly, so they were asking around, and she said, well, my boyfriend directs…”

So what was it like, coming in at that stage? “So the pre-production they had already done. Typically for a director coming in, that’s part of their job. Adam and Kevin are really easy going in that, I said to them, any director needs to make the project theirs, to have their stamp on it.” And what is David’s stamp? “The idea was to go with the Archer style of shooting, you know, people come into shot from left or right, say something and leave right away. It means you can have longer takes… it’s almost like theater. If it’s cut right, and the pacing is right, then it totally works.”

Gigahoes: At The Web Series Premier Party
Left to Right: Kevin Gilligan, Kimberlee Walker, Jessica Park and Adam Lash

So, he’s excited? “It came out so much better than I hoped. I’m super stoked for tonight, super-duper stoked! How much better can you get, right?” Maybe by getting your hands on an actual sex-bot? “I’d have to have two! One that’s really delicate and one that’s kind of rough. The delicate one would be warm to the touch, the other one cold.” It’s an interesting set of parameters. We want to know why, of course. David’s only too happy to enlighten us. “I read somewhere that cold hands on the balls and warm hands on the shaft is a fantastic combination!” So, there you have it; a thermal glove and hand-sized tub of ice-cream might just be the key to male happiness.

Finally, we bump into two actresses playing sex-bots on the show, Jessica Park (who plays a sex-bot with the same name) and Kimberlee Walker (who plays a sex-bot called Charlie). “I’m one of the older generation sex-bots,” says Jessica. My model is a girl-next-door model, so she’s very sweet and innocent but people like to do very bad things to her.” Kimberlee, on the other hand, plays a dominatrix sex-bot. “It’s not every day one gets to play a robot who beats people with a riding crop,” she says happily.

So, how do they feel about the project as a whole? “I’m super excited,” says Jessica. “There’s so many people supporting it. Of course it’s nerve-wracking, being on screen doing crazy things in front of your peers and complete strangers… this is definitely pushing some of my personal boundaries in terms of how much skin was being shown and the sexual nature of things.” Kimberlee seems to agree. “I’m excited to hear some reactions to it,” she tells us. “It was certainly fun doing it. I’m interested to see friends’ reactions but I’m hiding from my parents for as long as I can.”

Gigahoes: At The Web Series Premier Party
Kathleen Moriarty

We want to know what they would do if they had sex-bots of their own. “I would hide it because I’d be very ashamed that I owned it,” says Jessica. “I’m pretty sure I’d do pretty bad things with it… not to it, but with it.” Kimberlee appears to be equally uninterested in a sex-bot’s primary function. “I’d make him kill spiders,” she says, laughing. She continues, “I’d like to go out dancing with the robot, because sometimes it’s hard to find people to go dancing in bars without it turning into something else.”

Jessica is intrigued that Kimberlee wouldn’t have sex with the robot. “I think,” Kimberlee responds candidly, “I’m one of those weird people that only gets horny once every three months or so. I’d use the other functions more.” Jessica then asks her if she’d let people borrow her sex-bot then. Kimberlee squeals. “Eeeew, no!” She laughs. “He’d be programmed to fulfill me by reaching for things on the top shelf.”

Well, I guess we all have our little things, right?

Anyway, a hearty congratulations to Adam and Kevin and everyone else in the Gigahoes crew. We can’t wait to see how the series develops. And, hey, if you ever need any extras… you know where to find us.

The first season of Gigahoes is made up of 12 episodes, with each new episode going out on a weekly basis every Tuesday. Here’s episode one to get you going:

Photographs taken and interviews conducted by Mike Sigl


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