No sooner do you upgrade your device and there’s already one bigger, better, stronger, faster coming soon. And it’s no coincidence that it’s usually tied to quarterly earnings to make sure the street knows you’re not the next Twitter or God forbid Zynga. Virtual reality is no different nor is its Grand Puba, Mark Zuckerberg; he also needs to keep investors happy, shiny, f*cking Facebook so they don’t go on a Twitter rant.


All this is to say VR is fast tracking in this direction with new gear coming out almost weekly and what goes better with your VR gear than a side dish of sex. Nothing actually. It’s no secret porn is literally driving the virtual reality car right now.


Back in January, Engadget did some early reviews of how to basically f*ck and suck yourself. Some of the ‘peripherals’ seem to have left a bad taste in that writer’s mouth (they just make it so easy, right?) but, as we said, a lot can happen in two months time and it has.

Last month we announced the ultimate virtual reality sexual experience. And this is just the beginning because millennials are having way more sex with tech toys and not shy about sharing it (fyi, you might want to think twice about posting that vibrator selfie to Facebook).

So, go ahead and f*ck yourself because like Daft Punk says it’s gonna be harder, better, stronger, faster.


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