Guys, Stop Shaving Your Chest

It has come to my attention that there is a disturbing trend going around. That trend is men who come with luscious, god given fluffy chest hair shaving it all off in favor of a hairless variety. Oh, the blasphemy!

Now, I get it that some men who have been, um, over-blessed with an abundance of hair all over their chest, back, legs, ass and knuckles might want some of that gone. That is understandable; society has not been very kind to the hairy man (or woman). So yeah, getting your back and ass waxed is something you feel you need to do, by all means, go ahead. I’m not talking about you.

No, I’m talking about all you tight-pant-wearing, hipster barber-going, eyebrow plucking, gym buffs that feel that the need to shave your whole torso to ‘accentuate’ your abs. Yeah, that’s right. I’m talking about you!

Yeah, we can see the regrowth when it happens. The thick, stubby hair that grows back just shouts out, “I’m vain enough to shave all of this off!” and, no son, it doesn’t help you get laid. In fact seeing a man’s regrowth never fails to put me off.

That said, that doesn’t mean that you can’t thin your hair a little if you feel that it’s too ‘thick’. I get it, in summer it can get hot. I’m not exactly one who has an abundance of chest hair (or any chest hair for that matter) but I’ve met men who looked like mini grizzlies (great for cuddling!) and for them it can get way too warm in the summer time. It’s not uncommon to trim and thin the hair down a little.

I just feel we need to nip this trend of going hairless in the bud – and yes, I’m including the shaving of the pubes in this category. A hairless dick is a baby dick. So stop it! It’s creepy. I am a big champion of manscaping but the trend has just gone overboard with men getting less and less hairy and more and more creepy. It’s almost like the less amount of hair they have directly correlates with how highly insecure they are… Not pretty guys.

Women want their men confident (and, I’m sure, vice versa), so let’s leave the electric razors for your face, unless you’re using it to trim and thin your hairs to keep it neat and tidy. Be proud of your manly chest hairs. Bear Roar!

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