Have Durex Betrayed SexTech With Their Bait-and-Switch?

Durex ended up pulling the latex over the eyes of SexTech creators, makers and consumers after the preview tease we were made privy to turned into nothing but the old switcheroo.

Their press release earlier this month spoke of told us that “the future of sex has arrived: Durex’s new digital technology division prepares to announce mobile technology preview.” Hey, you couldn’t blame us for being excited! A major player in the world of contraceptives and other sex aids is making a land grab deep within the SexTech frontier… what’s not to get giddy about?

And then… well, here’s the video Durex released for their big announcement. Draw your own conclusions:

Cute, huh? All that build-up and the pay-off is some lame punchline that offers no real solution to anything at all.

Alright sure, we *do* get the point: over-use of, even addiction to, tech is a real thing but do we really need another reminder when in this instance it isn’t appropriate?

It isn’t appropriate because Durex very kindly and clearly rode in on the wave of SexTech to get their message across. To add insult to injury, they couldn’t even be bothered waiting until April Fools Day to do it. ‘Tis not the season, but Bah Humbug nonetheless.

In some quarters, Durex’s message has been received well. Some see it as Durex ‘slaying an enemy’, in this case it’s the smartphone and related tech. As you may have noticed, BaDoink takes a far different view of such matters.

We can’t condone playing Words With Friends on your phone in lieu of intimacy, but we know, YOU know, that looking at this as a black-and-white issue is totally pointless. Casting tech and SexTech as the scapegoat for a degradation in personal communication is equally redundant.

Consider the work of the pioneers we have introduced you to already: Comingle, Mikandi/Tits & Glass, FriXion, Sex Siopa… the list is large enough and still growing. Was Durex’s sidestep a betrayal of SexTech and the work they, all of us, are doing for this most exciting of burgeoning industries? Maybe not 100%, but it does leave a sour taste in the mouth.

After all, a SexTech company wouldn’t dare discourage condom use. Think of the chaos!

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