To this day, having your image stoically adorning breakfast seems to have been saved for the divine. Some small town will get national attention because some lady was convinced she saw Jesus on her waffle.

So of course someone was going to come up with a toaster that could reproduce pre-designed images on your toasts.

Burnt Impressions is a Vermont-based company dedicated to the manufacture of novelty toasters. Some habits stick around in the trendiest of ways, so Jesus or Virgin Mary toasters became somewhat fashionable items, and their popularity helped the company expand not only their ideas but also the commitment to a surprisingly profitable niche market.

Have Your Image on Your Toast... and Eat It Too!

Luckily, even the somewhat casual world of novelty toasters has taken a secular turn; because perhaps the things you worship are of a different nature. In my case, there’s a lovely vagina toaster that is right up my alley, but the options abound here. Whether that means supporting your presidential candidate, embracing your Jewish heritage or finding the appropriate design for your 4:20 snacks, there’s something for everyone.

It also doesn’t have to be a pre-designed image, of course. If you have a piece of art that you would like to see on your toast for many days to come, you can totally get that now. If you provide them with the design of your choice, they will create a personalized toaster for you. Maybe you want the logo of your company, or a commemorative anniversary heart that will make your PB&J sandwiches extra special.

This also allows you to get your own face on it, too. Why take a selfie when your mug can look so much cooler on a piece of toast?

Perhaps you’re less of a visual art guy, words are your thing, and you would like your toast to communicate a specific text message. Well, you can have a three-line message with up to five characters each, so that your toast can convey it to everyone for you.


Their new CNC plasma cutter has allowed the company to create custom toasters for any normal person without the need for huge setup fees or a minimum quantity per order, like it used to be.

This and many lasting impressions can be ordered through the Burnt Impressions website at fairly reasonable prices, depending on what you want, and it includes free shipping within the United States.

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