Our minds have so much information being stored, being dispersed and being gathered at every moment of every day. Our bodies have so much that is expected of them. Many of us are tired in a way that our minds and bodies are not accustomed to by nature. Our hearts are like blankets, warming our fatigue, carrying our stress and holding out for a time when our minds and bodies can rest.

Seeking medicine for our minds and for our bodies seems more straightforward than seeking medicine for our hearts. Though most of us wait for a crisis to find help, there are resources available when we need them. Doctors for the body and mind are waiting. We can be pushed to get more sleep, to eat healthier foods and by stretching ourselves to a breakdown, we can be forced to get the kinds of rest and/or activity our bodies and minds are craving for survival.


The heart on the other hand requires nourishment that is not always as apparent or accessible. We can go to mind doctors to address the needs of the heart. Therapy is frequently about addressing sadness, grief, confusion and the anxious feeling of being overwhelmed. Mind doctors are able to help with these issues but they are looked at through the lens of the mind. We try to sort out the essential mechanisms of the heart’s longings and aches using words from the mind. Frequently, tears being shed are the most useful part of this type of medicine. Medical doctors can help with the structure of the heart when the heart gets tired. There are surgeries and medications and lifestyle changes that are Band aids and crutches that can help us through the crisis though they are not the nourishment required for healing.

The hawthorn plant offers such nourishment. Historically, hawthorn has been used for heart disease since the first century. More recently, it has been used to treat heart failure and coronary artery disease as well as a preventative measure for people predisposed to heart issues. Hawthorn also addresses more esoteric heart issues such as heartache, sadness, grief, difficulty in being emotionally vulnerable and most emotional difficulties associated with the heart.

Hawthorn is a plant medicine that can and usually should be taken over a long period of time. It can be taken as a tincture, my favorite, or as an infusion or even as a paste. The long-term effects are a strengthening of this vital organ. Improving heart health improves overall health, socially, emotionally and physically.

Hawthorn tincture can be purchased online. David Winston from Herbalist and Alchemist makes a really nice variety and the hawthorn paste can be ordered from H&A as well.

While we work so hard and take so much in and give so much away, it’s important to give something back to our selves.

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