IPA glass clean and dry status: check. Bottle opener ready: check. Thirsty tongue status: good. Sobriety status: 100% and in need of serious remediation. Commence cap pry-off and pour: Commencing. Status on dynamic pressure for maximum head efficiency: Increasing x-axis angle of neck to 75 degrees for optimal head. Check status of naked blonde on couch with ankles secured in hoop earrings: negative and inapplicable because I’m fucking ugly and alone. T-minus 12 ounces to a nice buzz from this deliciously unique and oddly surprising imperial IPA.

Henry Deltoid's Beer Review: Brooklyn “Blast”

We have lift-off, fellow beerstronauts! Drinking Brooklyn Brewery’s “Blast” felt like exploring strange new worlds. It started as soon as I pried off the cap. The aroma first flirted with my olfactory senses by tantalizing me with citrus, melon, a touch of malt, and a smooth boozy sting. The liquid pours in a bright, clear, copper orange color. The head was a bright white, thick, cottony cloud. It stays thick and foamy at about a pinky finger’s thickness for the majority of the session.

What caught my attention most about the presentation of this brew was the energetic plume of CO2 bubbles rising in a swirling tornado like a funnel. It reminded me of the radiation that Spock had to fend off when he sacrificed himself to fix the warp drive of the USS Enterprise after Khan crippled it in an ambush with the hijacked USS Reliant! That robust chested Latin bastard!

The flavor of the liquid was a bit surprising as the citrus promised to me by the aroma did not have much presence on my tongue. It had a very pronounced malt and caramel flavor, which transitioned to a sweet lollipop, leaving the finish and the aftertaste to reveal the presence of grassy, bitter hops and a squeeze of orange. The malt and caramel remained throughout the experience of the aftertaste as well. The alcohol content was impossible to hide, but it was only slight, and was a welcome garnish. Blast reminded me why I love IPA’s so much: it contained a very creamy, soft texture with high but silky carbonation.

Henry Deltoid's Beer Review: Brooklyn “Blast”

The swarm of CO2 bubbles was deceptive and led me to believe it would be gassy and prickly. But it’s one of the smoothest IPA’s I have had in a long time. Finally, the lacing, while again I declare means nothing in terms of quality, certainly was this beer’s way of fanning out its peacock feathers after the beer was gone. Beautiful globs of foamy splotches remained spackled around the glass well after I was finished with it. This was the first time I ever focused my camera on the lacing of a beer. So there I was: posing my empty glass on my hardwood floors in front of a black backdrop so I could chronicle the image in the annals of my beer drinking history. Jesus Christ, I am obsessed.

There is one small complaint I have regarding Blast: the flavor was not quite as strong overall as I prefer. I even drank it at room temperature when I typically enjoy my IPA’s chilled in the 50s. But nevertheless, Brooklyn “Blast” is highly recommended, as it offers a unique blend of sweetness, malt, bitter hoppiness, a marvelous texture and a visually stunning display of CO2 and foam adhesion. Since the IPA is one of my favorite styles and I drink them so much it’s not often I’m fascinated with a raised eyebrow like Mr. Spock when I try a new one. But this one drilled into my cerebral cortex like a Ceti eel and unleashed a stream of territorial marking piss in my memory bank.

Why the fuck is this beer review laced with so many Star Trek II references?

Style: 8.5/10

Overall: 8.5/10

The Deltoid has spoken.

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