This week (and next week), your one and only Henry Deltoid is on a little road trip in the wonderful town of Cincinnati, Ohio. I am visiting some of my best friends, and it has been mandated by my good friend Jenny to drink as much of the local beer as possible. FINE! Women can be so fucking bossy.

Ohio ranks #12 on a recently published list compiled by Thrillist indicating where each state currently ranks as a producer of craft beer. Also noteworthy is that Ohio was listed in 2013 by The Huffington Post as one of the top ten states for access to our nation’s finest craft beers. Nothing here surprises me, as an intriguing and delicious new selection slaps me in the face at every turn like I’m an ornery red-headed step-child who just set the family golden retriever’s tail on fire.

So, let the guzzling begin! While I am touring, eating, socializing, sight-seeing, and stumbling around this town in a drunken stupor I couldn’t possibly review (or remember) all of the fine brews I have been drinking. But I did manage to nail down two of them for your beer education pleasure. This week’s review is of the less interesting of the two, but it is still a winner: MadTree PsycHOPathy out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Henry Deltoid's Beer Review: MadTree “PsycHOPathy”

On a rooftop lounge I received this gem from a cute, tattooed, skinny, sashaying server with the sexy spectacles and perky titties. I drank it from a can, poured into a standard drinking glass. Chalk one up for canned beer! Like the continuous scientific research which indicates semen is very healthy for consumption by women, this trend must continue!

The liquid presentation wasn’t quite as uplifting as the canned introduction, unfortunately. It is dark gold, crystal clear, and does not contain a lot of carbonation. The head is white, subtle, and overall the beer looks like a simple American Pilsner rather than the cloudy, highly carbonated and cotton-topped IPA’s I love so much. The aroma is quite nice; citrus, pine, sweet tropical fruit and a nice burn of bitterness. The experience is improved even more with the taste: an up-front flavor of grassy, piney, bitter hops which quickly introduces malt, caramel, and sweet melon. The taste finishes with a very bitter hop flavor. At 6.9% ABV there isn’t a trace of alcohol in the flavor, and this brew brushes closely with imperial territory. After the visual presentation of the pour it wasn’t too surprising that PsycHOPathy isn’t quite as creamy and as soft as the best of them, but this flaw in texture isn’t a major setback. For an IPA its texture is below average but for an overall brew it’s above average. The lacing is fairly thick, foamy, and keeps the glass decorated with frothy splotches longer than the texture would have you believe.

MadTree is now on the Deltoid beer map! The delightfully stinging aroma, the extremely bitter and fresh hops, the sweet caramel flavor (after drinking this I learned it uses caramel 40L malt), and the extreme drinkability of PsycHOPathy make it a highly recommended brew. This is an excellent selection for your IPA collection, and absolutely worthy of a beer erection. And I swear to Jesus I did not mean to just type that poem.

Style: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

The Deltoid has spoken.

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