How Haptic Toys Will Change Sex

Ever since Haptic technology was a ‘thing’ we all knew that it was only a matter of time before it was to be used for sex, and now, here we are. Haptic toys are slowly emerging in the market and all I can say is, this must be godsend for long distance couples!

In all seriousness though, while it seems great now, how long before it is used by men (and women) to replace sex and create an even larger divide in our already technology driven world? There is already concern that Haptic Toys are creating a new form of prostitution. And it will definitely blur the lines on what is cheating because, is having robot sex considered cheating?

I can certainly foresee a future smartphone app connecting haptic toy users so they can find strangers to hook up with. You can be sure that I will be on that app because… why the hell not! It’s safe sex taken to whole new levels.

Meanwhile companies like Vstroker are making real headway in the market. Just stick the wireless Vstroker to the ever-popular Fleshlight and you get a semi automatic device that let’s you receive an almost real blow job from your favorite performer.

However, Real Touch, another player in the market, has taken things a step further by creating a fully automated device for a real blow job experience – no hand required. Need a partner to give you a blowjob? Don’t have one? Not to worry, with Real Touch you can make a ‘date’ with a model who will happily use the device with you.

The thing is, for me, this technology sounds great. I for one would love to have it. It provides a safe space to explore ones sexuality, a way to connect with partners or friends who aren’t in the vicinity and even a way to get a little naughty with consenting adult strangers.

However, what worries me is the possibility of people getting even more out of touch with one another, especially if they can now have a the whole Internet to hide behind and still have almost realistic sex. As it is, people are already having less sex because of technology, what happens when you throw in a device that doesn’t require you to ever actually connect with one another and still experience an orgasm?

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