I’ve written a few articles on how to get replies on dating sites and today I am going to focus on Tinder the new dating app for your smartphone that is taking the dating world by storm. Personally, I really enjoy using Tinder. No, not for the witty conversations, but mostly just to perv on (some) hot men and swipe left or right with glee.


Yeah, I put my hottest photo on Tinder cuz I know that there’s a small chance nothing exciting will ever come out of it, because to be honest, most men on Tinder are boring as hell. There has been a total of one guy that I actually felt like meeting but unfortunately I was leaving the country and we couldn’t meet up. Sad face.

So guys, if you’re thinking “Hey! Hookup app!” err… you’re wrong, think again. Well, perhaps you might find a small percentage of women on Tinder trying to hook up, in which case Yay! But mostly you need to remember these tips on how to get a reply on Tinder:

Please don’t start with “hi!”

OMG. Just stab me in the face. No wait, stab him in the face. I mean, all you have going for you are a few profile pictures and perhaps a small line about yourself and you start the conversation with “Hi!”?? I usually never bother to reply to this unless the guy is insanely hot – and according to stats, he almost never is. Be a little more clever than that. This is isn’t you walking up to a girl in a bar, whereby your “Hi!” can almost always be met with a reply. This is an app and the only thing she knows about you is that you both liked each other’s photos. So please. Start with something more creative.

Notice the details

I have a semi funny photo in my profile that I put mainly to see who actually mentions the photo when writing to me. That photo is my measure of how well we’ll get along because to me anyone who see’s the humor in the photo (of me acting silly) will also see the humor of me acting silly in real life. I always reply to people who notice this photo and start the conversation by mentioning something funny about it.


Be creative

Tinder tells you almost nothing about the other person except whatever he or she chooses to put on their profiles (which is usually nothing). So it’s normal to be curious about this person. But please don’t let your first question be, “So what do you do?” Geez. Be a little creative. Be cheeky, be funny, be anything but boring. It’s such a conversation killer.

Take charge but don’t be pushy

Don’t just wait for her to move things along. Boooring. Take charge. I can’t stress how much being funny can work in a situation like this. I usually lose interest really quickly if a guy doesn’t take charge of a conversation. I mean, if he can’t take charge of a chat, how will he be in real life? When I say take charge, I mean steer the conversation, show that you’re interested in her. Not keep bugging her to meet up and get mad if she doesn’t want to. That’s crossing the line from taking charge to being pushy. And no one wants to meet up with a pushy guy.

I am pretty sure that these tips will get you some good conversations on Tinder in no time.

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  1. ha…! these could come in useful