Beards are fast becoming the staple of the new trendy man but not every guy is able to grow a beard fit for a lumberjack. When it comes to beards, there is a fine line between hot and scruffy, and that fine line is what differentiates trendy and not-showered. You want to stay firmly in the trendy side of things unless you’re Brad Pitt, who can get away with wearing a bag over his head. Just to remind you, you are not Brad Pitt, no you don’t look like him, can’t pull off his style and if you mother says so, it doesn’t count. Now, moving along…

How to Maintain the Perfect Beard

While it’s true back in yesteryear if you wanted to grow a beard, you basically stopped shaving and that was it, now we have pesky things like “Men’s Style” and “Office Work” that make the wild beard look a cause for concern. So don’t be that guy that gets pulled to the side for ‘a word’ and follow our guide to maintaining the perfect beard and achieving the elusive man-line:

The Neck / Man Line:
The neckline is basically where your beard ends and your skin begins. Nothing ruins a good beard more than a bad neck line. One mistake that men tend to make is defining a neckline that is too high.

Some men believe that they can use their beard to help shape their face, giving them a more ‘defined’ look. While this might seem logical, it isn’t true. All it does is give you the appearance of a double chin (even if you might not have an actual double chin) and in some cases, it adds a nice douchebag sheen to your non-douchebag self.

The correct line:
Thanks to the good folks over at who tirelessly fight for the rights to good, nay, great beards, we now have a clear way to define the correct neck line. True, each man will need to change it a little to suit his face and neck, but the basic suggested line is there to see.

So, thanks to the Beard boys, there you have the elusive man-line. With this you will be rocking the cool lumberjack look in no time!

Good Luck!

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