If you’re anything like me, then you were also one of millions of geeks worldwide who let out a collective gasp of orgasmic excitement at headlines proclaiming the long-hoped-for arrival of hoverboard like the one Marty cFly uses in Back to the Future II, only to be brutally knocked back down to earth at the terrible, heart-rendering realization that the whole thing was, of course, a hoax.

Oh man, if only I had a time machine, I’d go back and make these guys swallow down an entire jar of pickled eggs… and even then that would only hint at the soul-wrenching bitterness that citizens of the Kingdom of Nerd were made to endure. Yeah, sure, I know that if we took a second to think about it, we would have known that technology is still a long way off from being able to generate the sort of energy that would make a hoverboard possible… but that damn second was taken up by daydreaming of swishing round the top floors of office buildings giving the finger to jealous execs. Goddam!

The video released by HUVr tech, which you can see below, is pretty damn cool, I’ll admit, and the appearance of dudes like Moby and Tony Hawk were meant to add more weight and credence to the whole thing – although all that’s done is made me hate Moby and Tony Hawk… more. I’ll forgive Christopher Lloyd though.

Right, I’m off to buy some pickled eggs and then I’m going to fix the TARDIS in my back garden. Just you wait, HUVr. I’m coming for you! Or maybe I’ve already been!

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  1. This looked cool. Shame it is fake.