Instagram Releases The Layout App

If you’ve been a part of the online world then I’m sure you’ve also seen these photo collages that pop up everywhere – especially on your Instagram feed. Photo collages aren’t new, but most apps are clunky and messy. Instagram hopes to change that by releasing its own Layout App so that you can create your own cool collages.

Instagram is no stranger to leveling up. When VSCO Cam came out, Instagram leveled up by sprucing up its app and by also adding new filters and more control over the app. Then they released Hyperlapse so people could record speeded-up videos. So it comes as no surprise that Layout is Instagram’s new release.

The app follows Instagram’s typical ease to use. Just download and off you go. Pick photos that you want to layout and pick which layout you want. There are eight layouts to choose from and you can adjust the width of each column, flip and rotate each photo and resize it. Then you have the option to either share on Instagram or Facebook or email it to someone.

Instagram Releases The Layout App

The app is pretty and easy to use, which is great in this world where apps are mostly clunky, but users who are making collages are already making them using whatever app they’ve been using all along. So I’m not sure why Instagram released another one, although they’re making a big splash with the release.

I’m sure in time we’ll find out how they’re hoping to get users to change their habits and use Layout instead. Meanwhile, since I don’t make that many collages, I just might just delete my old app and keep Layout, since I only ever make collages to post on Instagram anyway. That way, I don’t have to do that much extra work.

Huh… I guess it is working then…

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