It must be a polarising experience working for Apple. One minute you’re lauded as kings of the modern age by convincing people to stand in line for hours to hand over fistfuls of cash for your new product. The next you’re being taken to task by tech hipsters for your problematic operating system and now… #bendgate?

That’s right, the 20th century disease of adding the suffix “-gate” to anything remotely resembling a scandal is still in force. It also turns out that some people are surprised that metal bends when put under pressure. Whether it be underneath you as you sit (well, have you seen the size of some people?!) or if you’re… I dunno… pretending to lift weights with it or something, it appears the new iPhone 6 is liable to cause a few hearts in mouths if you’re not careful.

Ever eager to take a punt on somebody else’s misfortune, the Internet and social media were immediately buzzing with images, quips and its own hashtag for the event: #bendgate.


There were some real good efforts in this latest wave of collective humour. @PhoneDesigner’s ‘iPhone Dali Edition’ really caught the imagination:

The current trend for brands to playfully bicker among themselves on Twitter reached a new peak, with Apple rivals LG deciding to get in on the act. If that wasn’t enough Kit Kat and Whataburger decided to ride the wave and make their own contributions.


God bless the Internet, right? We’re in absolutely no doubt that this will not halt the commercial juggernaut of Apple, who could probably release a stick covered in dog mess and still get people queuing for it.




Have you seen any other great #bendgate tweets? Let us know!

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