Interview: Amarna Miller on Nerds, Geeks and Sex
“Seduction of the Armageddon Witches” by Rocio Montoya

Nerd culture and geek culture have now become sexy, and the fine producers of sex media are taking note, especially if you count creative sexual endeavors such as shibari and other BDSM techniques as sexually nerdy. At the forefront of some of this titillating new media is porn star and director Amarna Miller, who has an impressive and growing portfolio of videos, photos, and musings on the industry. Recently, Miller offered her thoughts on nerd and geek sexiness, taboos in and out of the pornography world, and theories about sex from her own experience. 

Miller has been off and on camera in quality sex media since she was 19, and is a fan of shibari, playing with artistic aesthetics, and directing porn with a natural feel. She’s worked with many different porn producers, and has her own company, called Omnia-X, and was able to take time in her busy travel schedule to correspond with me as a part of a series of interviews and pieces about nerds and geeks in sex.

Enjoy the below interview with Miller, edited for your reading pleasure, and check out her photos and videos, some included here, the entire catalogue available on her website and across the expanse of the Internet.

What do people find sexy now, and what have been the changes in what people find sexy over the course of your experience?

Inside porn everyone has seen a brutal change since some years ago: the ideal of beauty has gone from the silicone-d blonde girls to a more natural, girl-next-door style. At the moment, European porn companies don’t want to work with plastic actresses and they look for real, pretty girls.

The mentality has changed because the user is demanding to feel represented in the scenes they are seeing: normal girls, no extreme looks. Just normal, romantic sex. That’s why companies such as X-Art and SexArt are growing up very quickly.

Are nerds and geeks enjoying a sexiness renaissance, and why have there been certain shifts such as this?

Absolutely yes. Boys are looking for a kind of girl who could be their friend, not only their romantic partner. They want to play videogames with her, to read Tolkien together and watch a Manga movie while they eat on the sofa. Being a “nerd” is actually a trend.

Interview: Amarna Miller on Nerds, Geeks and Sex
Andres Contreras #1

For you, what makes a geek or nerd sexy, or what beyond that identity do you find attractive?

For me, to be a geek means that at least you have some interests in your life and something to talk about. Literature, comics, cartoon movies, mangas, animes or TV shows. There’s something you’re passionate about and that means a more complex personality and more things to talk about. Because I’m addicted to learning, I truly enjoy when someone has something new to contribute in my evolution.

What is still taboo, and why do you think certain taboos continue to exist?

Nowadays a lot of things are still a taboo. Actual society presumes to be open minded, evolved, but it’s just a facade. Old moral conceptions based on religious premises are still growing between us. Without going too far, to be a sex worker is still considered as something dirty, terrible and dangerous. Why do these taboos still exist? Education. Since we’re very little everyone teaches us what’s good and what’s bad in our lives, instead of letting us choose our own paths.

[Society says] to go to university is good; to have a relationship and get married is good. To be your whole life in a job that you don’t enjoy but that pays your bills is good. Mortgaging your life is good. But to believe in polyamory is bad, to work in porn is crazy, and to live your life chasing happiness outside of your comfort zone is the most terrible thing you can do.

It’s quite complicated to unlearn all these teachings and live your life with freedom.

Interview: Amarna Miller on Nerds, Geeks and Sex
Ivan Araya for Omnia-X #1

Are there any sex myths that people still cling to that should be fought against, and how can people unbridle themselves from certain preconceived notions?

Yes! I can see it a lot in the anonymous questions that people [ask] me through my account. They still think that it’s “bad” to not be shaved, that they have to “convince” their girlfriend to have a blowjob or that everyone should have anal sex as easy as in the porn movies. The problem is, again, misinformation and an old educational system inside our society that tries to teach you what’s right and what’s wrong without any explanations. To be promiscuous is bad! But why? We don’t care, but it’s just bad! BDSM is wrong! Fetishists are degenerates! If you like latex, you’re creepy! If you like anal sex, you’re a whore! You have to be curious to scratch the surface of stupid affirmations and decide what you really like and what you really want to do with your life.

What is the future of pornography, and how can porn be used to help people with their fears and trepidations regarding sex?

In my opinion the trends that are appearing at the moment are going to grow even more. A new wave of romantic, real sex is going to fill a huge niche in the porn market and new visions of pornography are going to evolve. Performers who are having fun instead of showing painful faces in acrobatic positions.

People and companies which promote the ethical porn are the ones who should educate and help people to fight their sexual fears and frustrations. I have to mention the work of Erika Lust and her XConfessions. I have worked for her several times and really, I feel what she does is the future of porn.

To enjoy more of Amarna Miller, all you have to do is check out her highly enjoyable official website


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