Yesterday, we were pretty serious with Belle Knox. Which is exactly as it should be. Belle Knox has a lot of serious stuff to say and she needs the right space to say it. But we know that a lot of you out there want to find out more about Belle Knox the porn star. So okay, it’s time to loosen up a little and have some fun…

What’s it like being an internationally known adult porn starlet?

It’s surreal. I mean, just a few months ago I was just another college kid. It’s crazy but it’s awesome. I always wanted to live a crazy, wild lifestyle. I never wanted to live a boring, normal life, so in a weird way it’s fulfilling all my dreams.


What do you do to unwind?

I eat a lot of candy… saltwater taffy and Swedish fish.

Swedish fish?

It’s candy that’s shaped like a fish.

That sounds better than what I was thinking it meant.

I go out shopping, hang with my friends… normal teenage stuff.

Interview: Belle Knox II... Having Some Fun

Is there a kind of scene that you’d really love to do… or someone you’d really love to work with… and you’re allowed to travel back in time if you want to go play with some of those 70s pioneers… What would be the dream scene?

I really like milfs, so my dream team would be with Lisa Ann. She would be my teacher and I’d be really bad, and she’d be punishing me. I love aggressive women and that’s why I love milfs so much. It’s just the power dynamic. I feel like if I fuck an older guy there’s this automatic dynamic where he has a level of power over me. With women, that’s really hot! I love that. And I know Lisa personally and she’s a very ‘take-control’ sort of girl and I like that. And, actually, it’s going to happen!

Something I did notice recently that really does sound like a lot of fun is that you have a new project coming up, as hostess of a new online reality webseries called The Sex Factor. It looks pretty crazy… a reality porn show? Tell us all about it… please!

It’s the porn version of America’s Next Top Model, so we have 16 contestants and they gradually get whittled down by these porn challenges… and the challenges, some of them are hilarious. There’s one called the Battle of the Sexes where they pair up a guy and a girl and the girl is giving the guy a blow job; she’s trying to make him come as fast as possible and he’s trying to last as long as he can.

Interview: Belle Knox II... Having Some Fun

So, you’re the hostess, right? Anything else?

I’m going to be interviewing the guests and getting them pumped. The big thing is that at the end the winners win a scene with me. It’s like a treat!

Do you have any tips for potential SF candidates? What would you advise me to do if I were a contestant?

I’d advise you to relax and pretend the cameras aren’t there. I’ve seen a lot of guys – great guys – who just can’t perform because they get so nervous. That’s the biggest tip I can give. Don’t be nervous. Even for a girl. Just do your thing and don’t worry about it. 

OK, now in the interests of shameless self-promotion on our part, you may have heard that we’re being called the 21st Century Playboy by publications such as Forbes. What do you think of when you hear that? What does ‘21st Century Playboy’ mean to you?

An American icon, classy porn… classy images of beautiful women and beautiful men mixed with serious journalistic pieces. It’s a big compliment.

Interview: Belle Knox II... Having Some Fun

If you were going to be stuck on a desert island and could only take three things with you, what would those three things be?

My vibrator, a pillow and my iPod.

What do you never leave home without?

I never leave home without lip-gloss, because you never know when you’re going to give someone a good sloppy, wet blowjob!

If you could see any two current major U.S. political figures engaged in a super-explicit adult scene, who would they be… and what would you have them be doing to each other?

Putin and Sarah Palin! Putin seems like a very dominating figure so I see them having some really rough sex!

So what’s next for you, Belle? What do you see down the line?

I plan to write a book and keep growing my career as a porn star and my brand.


For more of Belle Knox, you can visit her official website and follow her on Twitter!


UPDATE SEP 16 2014
Look out for a brand new 5-part documentary series about Belle Knox that premieres tonight!


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