Ireland To Become First Country To Vote 'Yes' On Gay Marriage

The Republic of Ireland had made history after becoming the first nation to publicly vote for the legal acceptance of gay marriage. A referendum conducted on Friday looks set to bring in the long-desired reform.

The #MarRef – with its #VoteYes and #VoteNo campaigns – looks to announce a positive result for the Yes camp after early indications from exit polls predicted a strong and clear victory. A number of No campaigners have already conceded defeat on the strength of these predictions.

According to NBC polling station officials said Ireland could top 60 percent turnout nationally for the first time since the country narrowly voted to legalize divorce in 1995, but was unlikely to reach the 68 percent achieved when the Irish voted to ease access to foreign abortions in 1992.

Social media also brought great numbers of Irish together with the #HomeToVote hashtag as swathes of expats headed back home to cast their vote. The referendum also brought in a number of younger and first-time voters.

Ireland’s Minister for Equality also got in on the act and couldn’t hide his enthusiasm. Thank you for making the right choice, Ireland.

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