Is The 'Lost Virgin Cafe' All It Seems To Be?

This is either the most brilliant idea ever or the most opportunistic. Either way, before you scoff at it, just know that the service currently has a two to three month waiting list.

Apparently being a virgin in Japan has lost its appeal (which is a good thing). Where in the past virgins were prized and sought after, nowadays men want their women to come with a little bit of experience. Since many women live with their parents right till they get married, being a virgin in your 30s isn’t that uncommon.

The ‘mid-thirties virginity complex’ affects men as well as women. Many Japanese women end up feeling unwanted and unattractive and even not feeling able to keep up with gossip with the girlfriends can cause anxiety. Women who are in the ‘Konkatsu process’ (attending arranged meetings to find a husband) might also want to get in some experience and NSA fun before settling down the the ol’ hubster.

So it comes as no surprise that a service such as this would pop up. Someone out there was thinking, “Hey! Two birds with one stone! Score!” Lost Virgin Cafe (no website available!) currently runs the whole business of devirginizing women. It’s a free service but you will have to pay for your own hotel room. You don’t have to be a stunner, in fact looks don’t matter but, you better be clean, have no STDs and not have excessive body odour. Because that is a no-go.

While the deflowering stud will be wearing a condom, it’s advised that you get yourself on the pill as well just in case anything happens. I get it… we don’t want any accidents. Oh and also, you can’t actually be engaged at the time. Other than that, send in an application and get ready to get your worked rocked!

The service seems legit enough but for one thing. It’s a one-man operation. When put that way it suddenly seems a little less legit and more creepy. One guy figured out that a bunch of women need to lose their virginity and he needed sex. So why not gallantly offer his services? Win-win! At first I thought well, what a cad! Taking advantage that way! And then I thought, well it’s not like he’s twisting any arms here. The women are freely sending in their applications. But there still seems to be an element of ‘not-quite-right’ here.

I can’t decide. What do you lot think?

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