Is the Preevioo App Giving Consent A Chance?

The Preevioo app launched in the App Store this week and just by the little preview video it not only looks interesting enough that I want to try it, but it’s potential as a future sexy app looks promising. When Snapchat came out, there was a lot of ‘huh?’ as well as little twinkles in the eyes of those who immediately saw its potential.

So, the premise of Preevioo is also quite interesting; snap a photo, share with a friend or friends but with a small caveat – in order to view the photo, the sender can place a sort of ‘wall’ of control on how and when the receiver can view the photo. Now that is quite interesting because the control to view is now in both the sender and receiver’s hands. How so? Well the sender sets how and when the receiver can view. On the other hand, if a dude sends you a dick pic and he sets a barrier to viewing, say a delayed viewing time, you have the power to choose to view it or not. To those who have received an unsolicited dick pic, catching that first glimpse of dick in your hands (I’m assuming you’re looking at your phone) is not pleasant.

It also means that if the receiver takes the trouble to view the photo then it is under the assumption that they do want to see the sent photo. Seems like a pretty fun way to ‘teach’ consent – not that everyone will be sending cheeky photos. The app will save the ‘covered’ photo but will delete the uncovered photo ala Snapchat. And if you’re worried that someone might screen capture the uncovered photo, then just set a low exposure time before self-deleting. So far, it sounds fun enough!

I am also intrigued with the teasing element of the app. Very clever, because people can’t resist discovering what is hidden! Or maybe that’s just me? I’ll probably want to see what’s in the photo even if I know it’s a dick pic! Hah!

“With the launch of Preevioo, we are taking photo messaging a step further and empowering others to create more stories with each image,” said Emmanuel Grinspan, CEO and Co-founder of Preevioo. “By offering an interactive way to build a narrative, joke and tease moments as well as add context to those special photos, we are doing what has never been done – emphasizing the importance of delivering photos as much as the photos themselves.”

I’m not sure what they mean by emphasizing the importance of delivering photos, but I’m still keen to see this app get some traction if only to see what the kids will do with it. Not sure if it’ll get to where Snapchat is now, but only time will tell. Either way, it is now available for a free download in the Apple App Store.

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