Here are this Week’s Top 10 Videos, at least as far as I’m concerned. If you don’t like them, hey, you’ve got your own computer, right?

Thank God for this video. I was having a pretty shit day and this just perked me up. Four straight guys watching clips of gay porn. It’s actually really cute and endearing. Bravo for the guys for being so game.

What if your friend’s acting like either a cat or a dog? This video seeks to answer that question. The dog friend is ever at the ready to help while the cat friend flips you the bird and knocks over glasses of milk. Wait till you see the hairball part… amazing.

This one stars my soon-to-be best friend Patrick Stewart. Here, he teaches his new wife how to do the single, double, triple and the rare quadruple take. I’ve read that he may have been stoned but I don’t believe it and even if he was, who cares, he’s Patrick Stewart. When he and I are best friends, I’m going to have him call me Number 1. Believe it!

If you want to see my favorite commercial ever then watch this video. It’s for a Broadway show from the early 90’s. They interviewed audience members after and this woman is just hilarious. You’re welcome.

Best entrance ever! I mean she drops from above the stage into a full on split. What? Absolutely ridiculous! I screamed and then watched it again. They also dance they’re asses off.

I used to watch the Pokemon cartoon when I was a kid and I always thought that they must be so uncomfortable in those balls. Thank you to whomever for making this video and showing what it’s really like for these poor Pokemon.

A Disney princess singing about the realities of life rather than the fairy tale of it. My favorite part is when Belle is singing to the Jews. It’s so wrong but I laughed. Am I anti-Semitic? No, I’m Jewish too so it doesn’t count, right?

I love Conan. His segments usually make me laugh a lot. This is no exception. Nick Offerman reads tweets from young female celebrities. These tweets have so much more gravitas when read with Nick’s deadpan delivery. Wait for the Miley Cyrus one… you can thank me later.

I smiled throughout this whole video. This guy is adorable and I might have tried to hit on him if I saw him at a gay bar. By hit on, I mean awkwardly stare from afar until he sees me and then he leaves and I go home to my cats and cry in the dark.

This is one of my all time favorite videos. It’s adorable and I quoted it for months afterwards. All I’ll say is “I’m her mom.” “No.She’s. Not.” This little girl is amazing and cats run the Internet, seriously. And don’t pretend you don’t secretly watch kitten videos ALL THE TIME!

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