Here’s this week’s top 10, you lucky devils…


What do a bunch of silent monks do at a Christmas concert? Watch this video and take a look. It’s pretty ingenious and hilarious. Who knew monks could be so funny? I sure didn’t.

In the last six months I’ve become a bit of a Doctor Who fan. It fits nicely with my love for Star Trek. I’m surprised I never picked up on Doctor Who when I was younger. Maybe I thought it was all too British for me and I wouldn’t understand with their funny little accents or their spelling differences, but I digress. If you’re a fan as well you’ll know that Matt Smith’s last episode as the Doctor is coming up on Christmas day. Here are three of the companions Matt’s Doctor has had begging him to stay whilst singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Notice how I used the word “whilst”.

Paul Rudd is one of my boyfriends. It’s just a fact. He may not know it yet but one day we’ll meet and there will be fireworks. I just hope he’s ok with all of my other boyfriends. I’ve never noticed this but every time he’s on the Conan O’brien’s late night shows, he plays the same film clip in place of the movie he’s promoting. It’s hilarious to see Conan get frustrated but also play along. Plus Paul Rudd is just so damn cute and funny. Watch your mailboxes for the Save The Dates!

Prepare thyselves. This is a tear jerker. Cancer patients are invited to talk about their experience dealing with the disease. They are then given a make over of sorts. The hook is that when they finally get to see what they look like, a photographer is there behind the one way mirror taking pictures of them in a pure moment of carefreeness. It’s gorgeous and amazing.

I think this is a pretty cool experiment/art project. However, the ants! Won’t someone think of the ants!! Unless you’ve served them an eviction notice, I’m pretty sure you’ve just killed a whole colony of ants. However, the end result is pretty cool.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about this case out of Texas where a 16 year old only got 10-year probation for killing 4 people while drunk driving. He got off with no jail time because in his defence he suffered from a case of “Affluenza”. Basically, because he is rich and his parents raised him without ever saying no, he should get a pass from jail because taking major responsibilites for your actions is not what a court of law is all about… wait a minute! Here, Anderson Cooper has an extremely frustrating interview with the therapist who came up with the condition known as “Affluenza.” I was screaming at my computer at about the half way mark.

Just in time for Christmas… another Doctor Who video. You’re welcome!! This is an extra special video though because it mashes up Doctor Who and Sherlock. I’ve always thought Benedict Cumberbatch would make a good Doctor and by always I mean in the last six months. This is a fan girl/boy’s wet dream. It’s pretty well done. I wonder if there will ever actually be a crossover episode.

There are very good uses for condoms and there are some bad uses for condoms. There are also things they’ll protect you from and things they won’t protect you from. For example, they will not protect you from a Dalek invasion but they will protect you from STDs so wrap it up every time.

This wasn’t made in response to the “Affluenza” case but there are plenty of other examples of white privilege around the states that we all should be aware of. I’m white, Jewish and gay, so I’m not fully privileged in the USA but I know what this guy is talking about. Our country has serious problems that no one is addressing in a constructive way and it needs to start happening now. Race is still a major problem in our country and we’ll never progress if we don’t deal with it and move on. One needs only to look at Fox News and any Tea-Party rally to see that.

In case you were ever wondering how to wrap a cat for Christmas, here’s how to do it. This makes me miss my cat(s). I grew up with some cats. Nine to be exact and when we got our first one, it was the first time I was allowed to have a real pet beside hermit crabs. She was a gorgeous cat and I loved her dearly. I may have staged a mock wedding. I probably should go to therapy… ah well, pass the mince pie.

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