Right, video-lovers, get your goggles round this lot…

A thriller short about a janitor who finds a self aware computer at his workplace. The computer has one request, to be killed. What will the janitor do? I don’t want to give anything away but you have to watch until the end.

I posted something similar to this before, except it was women’s fashion. This is fashion over the last 100 years in East London. I love how they pair dancing with the clothes. My, have styles changed over the years.

Neil Patrick Harris can host anything. The man is great at it. Here he’s co-hosting LIVE! With Kelly Rippa while testing out helium’s evil twin, sulfur hexafluoride. It has the complete opposite effect as helium. I’d like to place my order now. Please and thank you.

So I never really had a problem with selfies until I saw this video. It disgusted me a little. Well more than a little. I don’t take many selfies because perhaps I’m not so vain. So people… cool it down with the selfies and go outside and enjoy the world without having to photograph every minute.

A South Park chorus singing the Game of Thrones theme song with the word “weiner.” My 13-year old self is bursting with glee as is my 29-year old self. I’ve grown up a lot. Season 4 starts in April, time to finish book three so I look cool at the water cooler.

Speaking of Game Of Thrones… The season four trailer is out! I’m so excited, I can hardly contain myself. I’ve got plenty of time to finish book three as I said. I heard that there’s another “Red Wedding” moment. Leave it to George R.R. Martin to kill off all your favorite characters. I’ll send him my therapy bill.

If you need a musical theatre fix then here it is. The fabulous Elaine Stritch singing “I’m Still Here” from the Stephen Sondheim musical Follies. If you know anything about Elaine you would be able to see the pain and pathos she puts into this number. It’s glorious.

It’s what you’ve thought all along… Kim Jong-un is a Pokemon Master. I knew it. Lesson to take away from this is never to get between Kim Jong-un and his pokemon. You’ll lose every time.

Here I leave you with my favorite song by my favorite band. They’re in the studio right now recording their next album and I can’t wait! If you think they sound great here, go see them live. They’re absolutely amazing.


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