This Week’s Top 10 Videos… you lucky buggers!

This video is a trekkie’s wet dream. Not one but two Spocks appear in this hilarious Audi commercial. They’re in a race to see who gets to the gold course first. The ending made me chuckle and the reference will send you rolling.


I really didn’t want to like this video. I feel like the Internet is awash with people’s mega marriage proposals but by the end I was teary eyed. I will say, though, that I screamed at the guy getting proposed to when he took out his phone. Live through your eyes, not your phone!


I feel like this guy in the video sometimes. You know you get those lonely feelings. You sign up for Internet dating websites, then hookup websites and it becomes this endless cycle of self-loathing. Ahhhh, life…


A video of awkward boners with an equally awkward song. Need I say more?


A variation on the Shit Girls Say videos. Shit Spanish Girls say… I’ve been around many a Spanish girl and this is pretty spot on. Yo entiendo a todo (to be said in the best “American Trying to Speak Spanish” accent).


I was a huge Superman fan when I was a kid. I still am to an extent. Wouldn’t it be funny though if Superman was just a big racist? He’s probably get Obama confused with Tiger Woods… just like in the video.


Listen ladies, leggings aren’t pants. I’ll say it again. Leggings are not pants. Especially if they’re jeggings! I puked in my soul just typing that word. Sometimes, some people don’t need to wear impossibly tight pants. Sometimes.


If you’re a gay man and you go to gay bars, you may have come in contact with the annoying straight girls that sometimes frequent gay bars. Ladies, NO! Stop and do not pass go. We love you but we’re men and sometimes we need to get away from the women just like straight men. Hopefully this video will set you straight… for lack of a better word. This goes for the straight women who go the lesbian bars too.


House of Cosby’s… a web series about a man who clones Bill Cosby multiple times. It’s so funny and I love it. Too bad they stopped making videos because Bill told them to stop. Womp womp indeed. This is the first episode.


Mindfulness. This is something in short supply these days. As this TED talk says, take 10 minutes out of your day and get to know yourself. Focus on something other than your phone. It’ll do wonders, trust me.

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