Hungry for videos? Then feast your eyeballs around this little lot, courtesy of your ol’ pal, Jimmy…

Choo Choo! This is the express train to crazy town. Your conductor today will be Rep Ellmers from North Carolina. Please stay in your seats as this ride may get bumpy. No one is denying that the roll out of the Affordable Care Act is going smoothly at the federal level but when you’re presented with a state level exchange that is actually working, why can’t you take what works from there and implement it elsewhere? This blind rage against the ACA just because you don’t like the president is absolutely absurd. Stand clear of the closing doors. Bing bong…

One question… do they even play basketball in England? British people should never do basketball commentary. Maybe it’s because I’m American or because I don’t normally watch basketball but I did not understand most of the references. I do believe there might be some cockney rhyming slang in there.

I’m not really a fan of Russell Brand. I find his, how you say, “brand” of humor, more annoying than anything. I will say that he’s incredibly intelligent but I’m not a fan about how he goes about explaining his ideas. Here, he misses the mark big time. To explicitly tell people to not go out and vote is extremely dangerous, I think. While you may not think that your vote counts because the system is being bought by large corporations, maybe you should instead teach the people to find the correct answers for themselves rather than just go with whatever some political ad or left or right leaning political talking head tells you. Please go vote, people, but be informed before you do. Don’t be taken in by fancy advertisements. Rant over.

I don’t understand the term YouTube celebrity. I especially don’t understand it when said celebrity’s videos are filled with little or no content and are just air headed ramblings of a twenty something living in LA. So, I was over the moon when comedian, Nate Clark, responded to this YouTube celebrity’s video of complaining that someone had his car towed with his own video. You see, it was Nate who had the car towed because it was his driveway that this “celebrity’s” car was blocking. Maybe you should pay attention to where you’re parking and not make videos while you’re drive. Nate Clark, I love you.

This… bitch… singing Colors of The Wind to a terrible midi track. It’s really funny. Wait till she gets to the high part. It’s glass shattering.

A funny take on the whole The Bachelor/The Bachelorette reality TV shows. This time it’s a gay bachelor (Jessie Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family) trying to navigate through a bevy of gorgeous men who are all into each other rather than the man they’re supposed to be fighting over. George Takei plays the host. Does the gay bachelor get his man? Find out.

If you haven’t heard of Robert Ford by now, you’re probably leading a pretty boring life. Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto who has admited to a whole litany of things that no sitting politician should do AND he’s Canadian. I always thought they were a friendly bunch. Here we see how crazy not only Mayor Ford is but his slightly less crazy crazy brother, who is on the city council, get up to some crazy hijinks. Mayor Ford even knocks over a little old lady.

Just another day in Middle Earth as this ad for Air New Zealand says. A cute take on what it would be like if people from New Zealand has the characteristics of the species from Middle Earth. Now, I know some New Zealanders and I can confirm that besides for talking a little funny, they do not have any of those characteristics.

I have to say that this video is one of my all time favorites. This one beautiful woman follows women’s fashion thoughout time. It’s amazing to see how the styles have changes over the centuries. I thought this would be statement on how women are objectified in today’s world but it turned out to be a beautiful piece just about changinh fashions. Sometimes you just have to take it for what it is and not find hidden meaning in it.

I love maps, especially maps that show how borders change over time. This maps shows how the major religions have dominated areas of the world. Their borders grow and then they shirk only to sometimes grow again. It’s pretty fascinating.

I love James Franco and some of the time I really like Seth Rogan. I dislike Kanye West because he’s way too pompus for my taste. I love Zappos brought him down a couple pegs. Anyway, back to this video. It makes a completely ridiculous video even more ridiculous and that’s ok by me.

Dalek relaxation tape for humans….Need I say more? But I will! I was laughing from the first second to the last. Just in time for the 50th Anniversary special, which was AMAZING! This should get you through this short work week. Happy Thanksgiving and EXTERMINATE some turkeys.

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