What’s the matter? You feeling a bit bored? Well, put on your happy hats and get a load of these awesome videos from the Tube of You…

If you’ve ever seen the How It Should Have Ended videos and you’ve seen the new Star Trek movie, you must see this video. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. The very end is just comedy perfection. A+ from me.

This has been making the rounds among my musical theatre friends. This kid can day-ance. That’s right… day-ance. New word meaning “’he’s fucking awesome at dancing.” When I was a small boy my sister made me dance with her to the bodyguard soundtrack. Maybe that’s why I’m gay… hmmm. Something to ponder.

If you actually saw a horror movie where the characters made smart decisions, it would be a pretty boring movie. If you watch a trailer for a horror movie where the characters made smart decisions, it would be pretty darn funny. I present to you exhibit A.

Ok, so I’m not so much a fan of the term Sunday Funday but this video is cute and funny. Rodney is half puppet half human. He’s washed up because Drew Barrymore introduced him to cocaine. Watch him try and clean up his act. Damn you, Drew Barrymore and you’re drug introduction ways.

You remember when Rebecca Black’s “Friday” hit YouTube and it was the second coming of the messiah (or the first if you’re Jewish)… yea neither do I. This one is even worse. Add this to the list of “What were they thinking?” Yes, we all like Chinese food. I should probably own stock in a few places around town but for the love of God and everything holy, please come up with better lyrics. (drops mic)
Jimmy, I’m gonna kill you for making me watch this – Ed

A capella music!! I love it. The Pentatonix! You may have seem them on The Sing Off. They’re great. Here they do a mash up of Beyonce. It’s called the Evolution of Beyonce. It’s brilliant. You have to admit Beyonce is amazing and has made some amazing music in her career. Although, I did have a boyfriend once who cleared a dance floor at a party I brought him to so he could do all the choreography to “Single Ladies”… We’re no longer dating.

This is an interesting video, if not quite long. I understand what the teacher is trying to instill in her students but whoa. She is tough as nails. She even admits to taking the lesson to an extreme to try and get the point of how minorities can’t just walk away from racism. The point is driven home when a white girl gets up and walks out of the class.

A new video from Lilly Allen. I’ve never been a huge fan but this video is awesome. Such a great satire of this whole Miley Cyrus hullabaloo and the objectification of women. Plus those ladies can shake them booties like no one else. My favorite part is the ballons that spell out “Lilly Allen has a baggy pussy”. How could you not like it?

Like you I thought Jean-Claude Van Damme died at some point but he’s very much alive kicking splitting. As I watch the video and saw him go deeper and deeper into the split, I found myself clutching my nether regions in agony. I wish I was that flexible, my sex life would be so much more interesting. Imagine the strange position he must get into in the bedroom. On second thought….nah.

I’m surprised people actually don’t believe that man landed on the moon. All this conspiricy bullshit. I believe we did. Upstanding Buzz Aldrin is having none of it and keeps his cool as long as he can while being berated by a “truther”. He finally relents to his baser instincts and clocks the guy right in the face. Go Buzz!

If you’ve read some of my other articles, you’d get a sense that I do have some strong political views. While I would never wish harm on anyone I do think that some people need to just shut their mouths, like Sarah Palin. Her time in the sun is over and now she’s just a shit stirrer. If she had any iota of what slavery actually was like she may have chosen a better comparison to the US debt than that.

Before I write anything I have to mention that this video is slightly NSFW. Now that that’s out of the way…What an amazing video. This woman starts off doing a ballet routine to “Roar” by Katy Perry but then evolves it into a burlesque social commentary of women’s bodies. Plus she taps and I love tap dancing!

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