Jon Snow Ruins Dinner & Other News From Around The Net

You know the Internet. Things change faster than gossip spreads through a small town. We’re here to keep you up to date! Check out what’s happening around the webz!

Goodbye iPhoto

If you’re a Mac user, say goodbye to iPhoto – the place where photos go to die (because seriously, what do we do with them after taking and sharing them on Instagram?). Apple has just launched a new photo app called, um, Photos that will replace the old iPhoto, this time around using iCloud not as an afterthought but as an integrated part of photo storing. It’s about time too. Photos have long been the thing that takes up the most space on computers and now we might finally have a solution.

Facebook Separate Messenger Browser

For those of you who feel that Facebook is just too distracting but still need the FB Messages to keep in touch with clients or colleagues, FB has got the solution for you. Introducing Facebook Messenger – a separate browser that allows you to just experience the ‘messaging’ part of Facebook without the distraction. Works just like an email.

Apple Releases More PC Emojis

We’ve been talking about this for a while and now it’s here. The iOS 8.3 update on your phone comes with a set of politically correct emojis. Uh… Why is this important? Because now you can accurately send emojis to friends. And if you aren’t sure what skin tone emoji to send, then that awkwardness only means you’re not racist. #truestory

Jon Snow Ruins Dinner & Other News From Around The Net

Emails Acted Out

What if we communicated with each other the way we send out emails? That’s exactly what comedy duo Tripp and Tyler tried to show with their excellent sketch on emails acted out. This comes after their successful sketch on Conference calls acted out which blew up on YouTube in 2014. Enjoy!

Good News For Serial Fans

Although Sarah Koenig did a great job with the Serial podcast, it still ended a little uneventfully. I mean, what were we hoping for? That Adnan Syed would be freed? That a podcast would change the verdict? I dunno. But fans want more and now Rabia Choudry, the person who brought Adnan’s case to Koenig has launched her own podcast. “Undisclosed: The State v. Adnan Syed” which will chronicle the new evidence and information that has emerged in “Serial”’s wake. Stay tuned for more!

Do Not Invite Jon Snow to Dinner

And finally, don’t invite Jon Snow to dinner. He is one of those guests that will make everyone else feel uncomfortable and make you look bad for inviting the creep. Although you can give him points for trying!

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