Jon Stewart Talks About Leaving The Daily Show

Damn! First Colbert, and now this? I feel like I’m about to come from a broken home… satirically speaking. Still, I guess it had to happen. After 17 years as the sharp-tongued host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart looks set to finally call it a day. On last night’s show, he took a few minutes towards the end to impart the news to a disbelieving but loving audience.

What’s next for Jon, we don’t know. If Rosewater is anything to go by, perhaps we might expect a more serious approach from the satirist in terms of how he tackles the issues of the day, which would be no bad thing. But, hell, I’m going to miss that knifepoint acerbity and controlled crystal rage against the machine. At least we’ll still have John Oliver over on HBO for some weekly witty establishment deconstruction (we already know my feelings regarding Larry Wilmore).

As for how Comedy Central plans to fill the ‘Daily Show’ gap, I still say get Samantha Bee in there! Come on CC, bring back some great character-driven performance satire and give us The Bee Report (remember, say it enough and it WILL come true)!

Before that happens though, we can look forward to a bit more Stewart yet, a fact that goes some way towards alleviating the sadness of his imminent departure. So, make the most of him while you can, folks, because we sure as hell are going to miss him.

The political class and GOP media folk will be glad to see the back of him of course, which is all the more reason why the rest of us shouldn’t be.

That said, I wish you all the best, Jon. Thanks man!

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