Girl talk. We used to play spin the bottle and truth or dare. Tonight we have decided to dare to tell the truth. The version we don’t want anybody to know about. Guys, if only you could be a fly on the wall. You would hear things you can’t even imagine. Our deepest and darkest. Just some things you don’t know about us.

girl's night out

Julia’s cheeks became red. She saves all the mementos from past relationships, from cinema tickets to love letters. I understand her. It’s nice to look back from time to time, wishing the best to your ex-lovers or maybe not. Rachel recently gave birth to twins. She said since that day she can’t stand her husband complaining about any kind of pain. What would he know? Phoebe has always been proud of her body, especially her breasts. According to her GP she should have had breast reduction surgery but she decided not to. She lives with her pain and makes men lose their balance on the street.

Some women actually believe beauty is worth suffering for. I bought the most amazing shoes. They fit me perfectly in the shop. To wear them they were hell. I even got compliments from women passing by. Definitely worth it. A compliment that comes from a woman is always more impressive than the one that comes from a man’s mouth.  Unless he’s gay, women don’t want to get into our pants.

Monica was also embarrassed. Her new boyfriend checked his mail on her computer and forgot to log off. She was curious. She looked. She couldn’t find anything inappropriate. She said she felt relieved, guilty and logged off. Catherine always says it’s the thought that counts and many times it does. But we never have enough presents. We love you showering us with gifts. Never stop.

Scarlet used to be a model. She loves to show her attributes by wearing costumes. Also in the bedroom. Till now being a sexy nurse has only been a fantasy but she decided to go on with the plan and surprise her husband. On Halloween she dressed up as a sexy Alice in Wonderland. It turned her husband on so much they did it in a public space for the first time. Sarah said the opposite. When she is in her mood, home alone and loving it, she goes crazy. She dances so wildly she would make Tina Turner jealous.

Ah… Just another girls’ night out.

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