Note: All games intended for adults

Nowadays, kids and adults alike are glued to screens of all sorts, unable to stop crushing candy or updating the Facebooks. A friend of mine told me recently that he’d seen a kid no more than six years of age trying to swipe through a real magazine. One of the results is that not many people are able to have fun without the data stream any longer. Imagination and the silliness of running around without a care are two things that are fading fast. The solution? Revitalize a bunch of old school kid’s games, turn them into adult drinkin’ games, then teach kids how to enjoy them (sans liquor, of course).

Below are the rules for the best kid’s and camp games that can be altered to include booze.

drinking games


Nicknamed Ultimate Challenge Jenga by crazy people I knew in freshman year of college, this game can be brought to a whole new level. Take each block and write a suggestion on it, like “Grow facial hair,” “Become a superhero,” or “Kiss everyone in the room,” and make the folks who don’t do the challenge drink a whole bunch. Take the liquor away and you still have an amazing game to enjoy with young people who need to learn silliness.

Kick the Can

Remember this, you guys? All you have to here is nominate someone to watch a can in the middle of any type of area (suburbs with lots of trees and parked cars work real well) and call any player out if they are seen. If you aren’t seen and you are able to kick the can, then you win. Make anyone who is seen and called out take a drink, and make the losing invigilator drink a can’s worth of booze. Seriously, this game is epic with or without liquid confidence.

Freeze Hide and Seek

Everyone hide and try to reach some goal or something (no one ever wins hide and seek anyway). If you are the looker, your job is tag people out, but your tag forces that person to freeze. In the drinkin’ version, make the frozen person waterfall booze till a doctor type character (make sure there is one doctor per looker) untags them, thus freezing them. The buy in should be a shot each. This game is hilarious when played with kids, because you can force the little buggers to have to freeze in crazy positions and make the doctors have to adopt some type of silly movement to initiate an un-freeze. Classic and brutal.


There is nothing better on this green Earth than stocking a cooler filled with cheap beer, throwing on some grubby summer clothes, and playing wiffleball. The concept is genius: baseball but no one cares about any of the rules and pretty much every time you strike out you drink an entire can of beer (later to be used for Kick the Can). If you have a back or front yard I urge you to play wiffleball all the time (I promise, you won´t be a bro at all).

drinking games

Capture the Flag

This is undoubtedly the most epic and awesome of all kid’s games. The rules are quite simple if you don’t know them already. Take two objects that can be flags, hide one on each side of the game zone (best played in the woods or an abandoned factory if your town is awesome or post-industrial) and mark a boundary cutting the area in half. Each side has to try and get the other’s flag first, and anyone tagged on the opposing side has to spend time in a designated jail till a free player jailbreaks their incarcerated teammates. Since this game involves a lot of running and possible knife fights (don’t actually do this please), drink a lot beforehand or have that same wiffleball cooler on hand for after the game is over.

Any time you see a bunch of adults sitting around on their computers coax the sorry bastards out of the house with beers, then use those drinks as payment for the game. After a while, the adults will just be having fun, tapping into their wellspring of dumb kid brains and remembering what it meant to be crazy before the time of the eBook. Capture the Flag could be the savior of this generation, and many to come.

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