This week we’ll learn just how hard it can be to decide on a pattern for your uniform, how strong Australian commuters are, why you shouldn’t use crystal meth, what happens when you try to rob Spider-Man, and that people still believe in all sorts of nonsense in Germany.


Dress Fatigue

If you have the best equipped military force in the history of the world, you better make damn sure that when they are out in the field shooting people, bombing villages, or just relaxing after a long day of killing, that they look absolutely fabulous.

The U.S. army has spent roughly $5 billion over the past 10 years to ensure that their troops are the envy on the battle field. Can’t you just picture a Taliban fighter gawking over his antagonist’s perfectly hemmed fatigues?

Muscles Down Under

Perhaps you’ve heard stories about situation where people somehow managed to do the impossible, like a small woman lifting a car to save her child. While there is some interesting research into this area and the human potential, there’s one formula that’s never wrong – there’s strength in numbers.

At least this is what an Australian commuter witnessed first-hand when he somehow managed to get his leg stuck between the train and the platform at Stirling Station in Perth. Fellow commuters managed to push the train far enough to free his leg.

Meth Head

Kim Kardashian’s Face on Meth... and Other News!

Crystal meth has ruined thousands of lives and will continue to do so if nothing is done. Officers at the Bradley Country Sheriff’s office in Tennessee came up with a scary “before-after” picture to put the fear of God into potential drug users.

The photo shopped Kim Kardashian’s face to make her look like a total meth head and I for one can only say that it does scare the bejesus out of me. The message is clear: If you smoke crystal meth you will end up looking like an ugly version of Kim Kardashian. Stay away kids, stay away!


New York is not the only city in the world to be protected by a humanoid web-slinger, Ireland’s Dublin has it’s very own Spider-Man, always ready to pose for pictures with tourists or give simple directions in case you’re lost.

But after a long and hard day’s work of trying to raise enough money for the Spidey family back home, an unknown assailant tried to rob this lesser known hero. A witness caught the whole fight on camera and an instant YouTube success was a given. Apparently the local police didn’t know about Spider-Man helping them on his free time, so he was arrested too.

A Pile of Crop

Kim Kardashian’s Face on Meth... and Other News!

It’s always interesting to stumble upon stories where people still express a belief that somehow, everything in the universe is here with us in mind. We’re a pattern-seeking, mammalian species that emerged from the African savannahs thousands of years ago. It was clearly advantageous to assume danger all the time. It kept us alive and got us to where we are today.

Still, many of the things our ancestors feared can be easily explained now. So it’s always fascinating when something slightly odd happens and we throw out thousands of years of progress in favor of the supernatural or extra-terrestrial, including something as retarded as crop circles…

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