Knowing Her... Vibrators

Toys and pleasure. We are surrounded by dozens of different vibrators in all shapes and sizes to choose from and this can be a nightmare for the uninformed. At the end of the day, all vibrators are really just meant to help our lovely ladies get off but with a huge array of styles to choose from, we really are spoilt for choice.

Little may know that women’s sexual pleasure was the furthest thing from the minds of the male doctors who invented vibrators almost two centuries ago. In fact, these doctors were more interested in a labor-saving device to spare their hands the fatigue they developed from giving hand jobs to the 19th century ladies who suffered from “hysteria”—also know today as sexual frustration. Fast forward two centuries later, this seemingly simple invention used to cure women’s hysteria in the 1800s has become the sex toy of choice for at least a third of women today. Behold boys ! Below are some of the many wonderful variations that are available in the market 🙂


Often mistaken for “massagers” grandma uses to ease those aching backs, the classics are simple, discreet and can be easily purchased in most departmental stores. The most common of which is the Magic Wand, made famous by all the AV movies you’ve watched as a kid. Its sole purpose is for clitoral stimulation and because of its design, the Magic Wand is significantly more powerful than most of the other vibrators.


Dildo-shaped vibrators have dual purposes; they are meant to simulate the actual experience of sex. The phallus-shaped toy is often modeled after the penis with some even molded from actual porn stars spanning up to 16” long and having a girth of 7”. The mimicked shape of the penis allows for vaginal penetration, while the vibration action helps to enhance the sexual pleasure. These can also be used as anal toys although significantly more lubricant is often required


Since Ernst Gräfenberg discovered the G-Spot, it’s been the “Holy Grail” of the female orgasm. G-Spot vibrators are dildo shaped vibrators with a specially designed curved shape to stimulate both the G-Spot in women and prostate in men. For some women, it’s really the only way they get to cum.


The world renowned Jack Rabbit was popularized by Sex and the City in the 90’s. Invented by Ann Summers, it became the company’s cash cow for years to come. The rabbit is designed to stimulate both the vagina and clitoris simultaneously. It features two vibrators: one dildo shaped to penetrate the vagina and the second, its namesake, is a clitoral stimulator shaped like a rabbit’s ears that targets the sweet spot.


Relatively small and unobtrusive, bullets and eggs are the perfect companion on the go. Due to its small size, its very much similar to the classics: normally minimalist with few added programs and functions. Predominately used for clitoral play, there are larger variations which can also be inserted into vaginal openings.


Needless to say, this is the perfect way for any woman to wake up short of having her partner between her legs. Alarm clock vibes are worn on panties during the night. They are barely noticeable as they are exceptionally thin and shaped to the curves of the female body. Alarm clocks work great as they’ll wake you up feeling so good that snoozing would become a thing of the past.


The butterfly is a pretty interesting style of vibrator. It targets the clitoris and is usually worn like a pair of panties. As it is strapped on, operation is completely hands-free and often comes with a remote control for that tiny bit of added fun.


With the introduction of the Internet and online dating, long distance relationships have definitely gotten much more manageable. And now, remote controlled sex toys might have just bridged the gap between lusty lovers for partners across the globe can now use download smart phone apps, sync them to the sex toy of their choice and direct orgasms miles away.


Vibrating cock rings were once the only toy couples could use together but the We-Vibe couples’ vibrator has since changed all. A flexible U-shaped toy worn inside the vagina during sex with two vibrating motors—one for the G-Spot and another for the clitoris. It’s unique shape and design allows the guy to penetrate his partner while she adorns this magnificent piece human ingenuity. Talk about the things we think of to have better sex.


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