LELO Launches Siri 2, The Best PA You'll Ever Have

We haven’t even dipped our toes properly into the New Year and LELO has already surprised us with a yummy new toy to play with! And not just any ol’ toy. Oh no. LELO won’t be satisfied with a regular vibrator. They’ve pushed the edges of vibrator development by releasing a new sound-responsive sex toy (yes, that is exactly what it sounds like) that also doubles as a vocal chords stimulator that improves the quality of the user’s voice.

Confused? Yes, so am I. Which makes me wanna try this out all the more.

Shaped like it’s predecessor SIRI™, the new LELO SIRI™ 2 comes packed with a bunch of newer features that take play time to the next level. SIRI™ 2 vibrates in time to sound – any sound – yes, that includes your singing, music, moaning; a playlist, anything that is near. I mean, the possibilities!

Steve Thomson, Head of LELO Marketing said:  “Singers’ vocal chords vibrate as they sing and the new SIRI™ 2 helps singers explore the range of these vibrations. This is about how we deal with vibration; the muscle will either tone up, or engage, to deal with the vibration, or it will release. It’s about creating a flow of energy, and then it’s really about release. And the result is a clearer resonance in the voice.”

To be completely honest with you, I have no idea what this “helps singers explore the range of these vibrations” is about, but boy am I excited to find out! I mean, not to brag, but I have an excellent singing voice – even if I only have one range and no one has ever told me that. Ever.

Anyway, back to the point, the new SIRI™2, the “Music Vibrator”, has been developed in conjunction with vocal experts and singers, to improve on its already well-known results as a unique voice training aid.

LELO Launches Siri 2, The Best PA You'll Ever Have

Steve Thomson, continued: “The new SIRI™ 2 is a remarkably powerful tool and LELO.com has been receiving more than 5,000 hits from music sites per month since its vocal training qualities were announced. Of course, this new version will get you hitting the high notes even if music isn’t your thing.”

SIRI™ 2 is also waterproof (a step up from the original SIRI™) so you don’t have to worry about zapping your new favorite toy as you wash it. It also comes with a travel-lock so you don’t have to worry that its new enhanced motor might accidentally go off while in your luggage.

All signs point to “I need to try this out ASAP!!” so obviously I’m gonna have a review out as soon as I can get my grubby paws on a LELO SIRI™ 2. And yeah you can bet your ass I’m going to have a playlist ready. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if people started creating their playlists and shared them so others could ‘experience’ them.

Vicariously getting someone off through your taste in music? Hmm… could be a thing. Stay tuned!

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