LELO Unveil Beyond The Wave Trailer & Interactive Game For Couples

SexTech pioneers LELO have released the new trailer and interactive experience for their upcoming mainstream movie debut, Beyond The Wave.

The film, slated for release in Summer 2015 and directed by Goran Gajic, is the first ever to be produced by a sex toy company and stars both Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow) and Emilie Ohana (Paris, Je t’aime).

As the world gears up for the BDSM-fest that is 50 Shades of Grey, Beyond The Wave is what LELO are calling “an intervention”; aiming to bring couples closer together, both physically and emotionally, by showing the value of perspective in relationships. It’s light years away from the harsh ‘reality’ of its blockbusting contemporary, but more human and soulful in its tone and approach. It aims to encourage you to love the right way.

In a post-apocalyptic setting, men and women have chosen to segregate themselves from one another. Our man Van Dien, by virtue of a chance meeting, unwittingly sets out on an unforgettable journey; one that teaches him the importance of passion, empathy and understanding in an increasingly individualistic and divided world. Take a look at the breathtaking trailer below.

LELO have also excelled themselves when it comes to reaching to their customers and the film’s potential audience. A quick click-through to the movie’s official website and you can experience PlayTogether™: the world’s first movie trailer that can only be watched with a partner.

Couples need to physically put their smartphones side by side to lead the Beyond The Wave stars on an interactive journey, where each partner’s choices determine the story they share. It’s a bold and fresh move from a company blazing a trail with their innovation and know-how.

Steve Thomson, LELO’s Head of Marketing, explains: “Our goal with Beyond the Wave is to encourage couples to connect with the story, and through the act of watching the movie itself. We hope the twisting plot will inspire interpretations, and show the richness of different perspectives. That’s also the thinking behind PlayTogether™: by bringing couples closer, encouraging them not merely to sit in the same room but engage with each other’s point-of-view, the trailer becomes a catalyst for a rich, shared experience.

“What we want from this movie is to go beyond what people expect from a sex toy company and help them get closer to their partner. Of course at this time LELO sales are booming with the ’50 Shades effect’, but we want to show that physical connections will be even more satisfying if you also invest time in understanding your partner’s perspective.”

A sex toy company releasing a mainstream movie with an interactive and fun trailer – the future really is here after all.

You can keep up to date with all the movie news on the movie’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts @BTW_MOVIE and @VoiceOfTheWave.

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