Look people, I’m a year from turning thirty. I do things to keep that magical child inside alive and well and you can too! Today, I want to talk to you about Blanket Forts. Remember those? Lazy weekends where you strip your bed, raid the linen closet and drive your mother crazy by thumb tacking comforter and sheets to the walls? Ah, memories. But this doesn’t have to be some phase you leave behind when you become a teenager. No sirs and madams. You too can start building blanket forts and add your friends into the mix. I was a lonely child and did this by myself. I’d also hide in my closet and pretend I was going to Narnia… Foreshadowing.

blanket fort parties

Doing a Google search on blanket fort parties has shown me there is an audience out there for this. People are interested; they’re hungry for blanket fort parties. One pioneering woman even created a pinterest board for it and I just started following it. Now that we’re adults we can use our fully formed brains and build upon our childhood imagination.

Firstly, mom was right…NO THUMBTACKS. No one wants small holes all over their walls, certainly not you and certainly not your landlord. Second, have friends bring over blankets and pillows, sheets and anything else that could be used to build the fort. The more the merrier. Third, subdivide. Yes, you heard me. Make separate rooms for different activities. I did this as a kid. I ran into some roadblocks implementing that, but 20 years later, after speaking with a friend, we came up with a solution… furniture and wire.

Now stay with me, you can run wire between walls and hang blankets over them to create levels and different rooms. You can use the furniture for the same reason. Take that Ikea bookshelf and hang shit off of it. It’s only going to break in a few months anyway. Get good use out of it. Have a movie room, a cocktail room, a room specifically for spin the bottle and then you’ll want an adjacent room for seven minutes in heaven. Now since we’re all adults, I just suggest having a barroom. I will further suggest that this room have a lot of space and be a sort of patio-esque area. You don’t want to get wasted and messy in the fort. No one wants to clean that up.

So there you have it. Go forth and build, build, build! My next party is totally going to be a blanket fort party. My birthday is coming up so we’ll see how that goes. Excelsior!

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