LittleRedBunny Talks Female Masturbation

Now isn’t that one of the most enticing headlines you’ve ever seen?!

BaDoink favorite and award-winning cam model LittleRedBunny has been talking about the fun of female masturbation for Refinery29; one of the fastest-growing style and fashion websites for women. The discussion and video was created in aid of International Masturbation Month and forms part of an effort to quell the damaging stigmas that can surround female masturbation and bleed into culture.

Red – who picked up Best Female Live Cam Model at the Live Cam Awards in March – advocates a more open discussion about female masturbation. “Most of us do it… ” she says with a grin on her face. “… or at least play with it a bit.”

In a world where overt talk about masturbation is generally ‘allowed’ on the male side, it’s right that we team together to help dispel myths, change attitudes and bring comfort to people who may be steeped in confusion. Masturbation – whatever your gender – is normal, healthy and fun. There are multiple dimensions to it. Enjoy the video and please… enjoy yourself!

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