There is a difference between an actual gold digger and a woman with some standards who is financially concerned. A lot of men seem to think that just because a woman won’t date their still-living-with-their-mom, don’t-got-a-job, lame ass, that makes her a gold digger. Uhm, no. That just makes her someone who values herself and wants to date someone who adds to her life not ruins her credit score.

However there are women out there who do prey on men, sucking them dry (no, not in that way – well not unless you buy them some pretty and expensive first), spitting them out and moving on to the next guy when the money runs out. We’ve got your back. If you’re wondering if your new lady is interested in you or your bank account, wonder no more for here are some signs if she is a gold digger:

gold diggerShe sizes up your assets
If she’s asking you a lot of questions about your business and wondering how much it and you are worth, she’s probably trying to suss out if you could maintain her lifestyle.

Asks you to front her some cash
She’ll probably have a story as to why she can’t make rent this month, or how her phone bill needs paying. I know, sometimes it can happen to the best of us. The difference is, a gold digger has no intentions of paying you back and can get defensive and angry when you ask.

Wants expensive gifts
She didn’t just point out that Balenciaga bag for nothing you know. She distinctly mentioned the color and make to you because she wants you to get it for her. Any kind of sentimental gift will not be appreciated.

No money, no honey
The more you give her (in expensive gifts and money) then the more love you get in return. If not, keep your hands to yourself. If you’re not prepared to shell out the dough, her shop is closed for business.

She needs to be seen
It’s not enough that you take her for a nice dinner, it has to be dinner in the most hip-to-be-seen restaurant in town. She is status obsessed and won’t be seen being nice to the likes of anyone she deems ‘beneath’ her.

Sense of entitlement
And lastly, she walks around with a huge sense of entitlement without feeling any need to make it on her own. Suffice to say, she thinks her hotness alone entitles her to the good life.

If you’re dealing with a woman like this, I suggest swallow a big gulp of self respect, dump her ass and find someone who actually loves you for you. Ever met anyone like this before? Let us know in the comments!

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