It’s not surprising when it comes to sex, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what is ‘acceptable’, in ways we look for sex and in ways we have sex. After all, sex is in the forefront of using technology in creative ways to pleasure ourselves (*cough* porn *cough*). Some say that it is the need to have sex that pushes technology!

With that in mind, let me introduce you to my newest discovery in the world of having sex. Perhaps you’re much more savvy than I am and have already heard of this (heck, maybe you’re already using it), but this is something that makes me wonder, is this where we’re headed sexually?

I’m talking about Lovepalz, an interactive, social networking site that allows users to control each other’s sex toys from across the globe. I mean, you’d think they’d be able to spring for a better quality video (instead of this stock video masterpiece I just assaulted your eyes with). A Taiwanese sex toy development company is trying out something new by creating a social networking site that makes casual hookups easier – and one might even say completely safe.

Lovepalz uses Tinder like matching system where users are only connected to each other if both parties ‘like’ each other. Once matched and connected one can use normal/traditional ways to connect via video and chat OR step into the future and get the full teledildonic experience, which means, basically, the other party will be able to control your sex toy, making it a more ‘interactive’ experience.

Of course for that to happen you also need to own the company’s web powered Twist devices. You can both play with each other, video, chat or just sit back and enjoy the show! Whatever your pleasure, it certainly takes sex to new heights.

So let’s get real for a minute here. I’m always up for a new sexual experience, so yeah, this intrigues me as hell! There is a small component in me that kinda hesitates though. I mean I know of teledildonic technology and I can see how it can be beneficial to people but having a stranger operate my toy? I mean, that’s like fucking a machine and that’s kinda weird right? Then I stumble upon sites like and think, “Fuck it!” There are worse things in the world than having an orgasm, even if it is through the hands of a stranger operating my sex toy. So bring it on!


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