Yes, in this day and age it’s not only us women worrying about whether we have too much hair… um… anywhere. Men are slowly coming over to the dark side, what with male models looking more and more like hairless men-children. But it’s not every woman that wants her man hairless and not every man should be hairless (unless you’re born that way).

We’re here to offer you some do’s and don’ts in the man-grooming department. Whether you’re overly shaggy or just need a good trim, read up!


Wax your back and shoulders.

Yes men, women are no longer tolerating the Chewbacca look. It’s time to get rid of the copious amounts of hair you have growing all over your back and shoulder. Not only will it make you look trim and neat, it will also cool you down a little.

Trim your underarms a little

Yeah, no need to go clean shaven, but if your arms are straight down and you still have underarm hair poking out, it’s a good indication to trim the hairs there. There should be a nice lawn – nothing more than half an inch long but not an effing bush!

While you’re at it, trim your chest

If you look like you have a carpet on your chest, it’s time to thin things out a little. Not too short so it looks like you’re having a re-growth, but just a slight thinning so that it doesn’t look like if you plant seed in there it’ll grow into a tree!

Get the right tools

There is no excuse to use your girlfriend’s scissors or razor. With grooming tools tailored for men flooding the market, it’s easy to find just the right kind of electric trimmer for your needs. Don’t be fooled by all the fancy stuff out there though. A trimmer is a trimmer is a trimmer.

Keep the lawn tidy

I believe we covered this in another article. Just like your underarms, it’s not cool to keep a full bush down there. Make sure you trim it down to a nice, tidy length. While you’re at it, don’t forget your balls. Be careful not to knick yourself though!


Shave it all down there

Come on. It doesn’t look good and you’re not a prepubescent child. Sure, tidy it up but leave some fluff for comfort.

Clean shave your chest, arms and legs

WHAT? Okay, we might be giving mixed messages. No back and shoulder hair, but YES to chest, arms and legs. There is no bigger anti-chick-magnet than regrowth! We’re not sure we want to date a man more vain than us.

Forget your bum

How many times have I unclothed a well-dressed, hot, well-groomed man only to find a hairy butt? That’s like undressing a woman only to find that she only shaved her legs till her knees and her thighs are her hairiest bits! When you’re getting your back done, just go down a little more and get those cheeks waxed too!

So here you have a nice collection of do’s and don’ts in manscaping! With these tips I’m pretty sure you’ll be looking sharp in no time! Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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