‘Manual’ Camera App for the Pro Photographer

Let’s be clear here, this isn’t for the newbie photographer still unsure of how to use his/her iPhone camera. In fact seeing that the interface is all kinda tiny and somewhat confusing, even the expert might need some time to get used to it all.

While the iPhone camera has been amazing and way ahead of the game when it comes to phone cameras (suck it Samsung), Apple wouldn’t let any developers tap into the power of the camera’s raw power. Not anymore though and it didn’t take long at all before Manual came along, giving photographers the power of DSLR controls using the power of iPhone camera. Meaning clearer, better photos than using an app that doesn’t. The future of iPhone cameras look good.

Ok, did anyone else cringe when he throws the phones? Yeah, thought so! Anyway, the premise is simple enough, you get the same kind of control you get on a DSLR camera but it does have a bit of a learning curve. You have control over the ISO, aperture, white balance, focus and can enable grids for precise framing. It even works in selfie mode so your selfies never have to be badly lit!! #bonus

Manual is only $1.99 at the App Store but if you’re a photography nerd (like I am) then it’s chump change for the kind of control you have over taking photos – and certainly a lot less cheaper than a full blown DSLR camera. If you’ve already got a set of iPhone lenses then this app will be a great addition to give you the kind of photos that might just rival a DSLR (not really, but I said maybe). Either way, have fun!

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