Men's Lingerie and Other News From Around The Net

Coco de Mer Releases Its New Ad

Lingerie ads are usually sexy, designed to entice and inspire your future sexy shenanigans. However a clever new ad by the UK erotic lingerie brand instead shows us just how often we think about sex, and how it can help make that happen more often. It is a full on erotic bombardment, complete with the dirty, dark, naughty sides of sex. I absolutely love it and yes, I will be checking out the goods because any company that produces an ad like this is worthy of my eyeballs and other bits.

Durex Unsheaths Japanese Kamasutra Ad

Not to be left behind, Durex has released an ad for sex in Japan which is oddly fitting for that country’s whole vibe. To promote the brand’s newly released Real Love condoms, they’ve released a video depicting the Japanese Kamasutra. If you’re wondering, “There’s a Japanese Kamasutra?” then join the club! However, thanks to the video, I’ve learned a bunch of interesting moves. Brava!

FOX News Blurs The Boobs Of Picasso Painting

FOX news has poked the art bear by blurring the boobs and butt from Picasso’s painting “Women of Algiers” (version O). The painting sold for a record price ($179 million!!) and obviously Fox wanted to cover the story without erm… offending anyone over painted surrealist boobs? Either way it has gained the ire of the art community with many on Twitter expressing their displeasure.

Male Lingerie Is Definitely a Thing

This might seem weird to some but not all men enjoy wearing boxers or tighty-whities. Some enjoy wearing women’s lingerie (but in male sizes of course). For those men, there is HommeMystere; a sexy lingerie company catering to men. And no not in boxers and singlets but in sexy bras and knickers. They also sell a whole range of g-strings, garter belts and sexy lingerie. It’s incredible!

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