Mobile World Congress - Day Two

The gorgeous Catalonian sun went away today. It went away and was replaced by torrential rain, thunder and lightning. If there is a God, then perhaps he doesn’t like smart phones?

As much as I loved yesterday’s Rail Gun experience (no matter how terrible I was at it) it was very easily surpassed by Microgaming’s immense Oculus Rift-assisted worlds. There was number of curious bystanders and would-be tryers-out. Who can blame them?

The demo saw each user playing roulette in space with a robot. You know, typical Wednesday afternoon stuff. The crisp, clean graphics burn with color and imagination. You can’t help but take in all of your surroundings; the Earth to your right, el sol behind you and space cruisers idly making their way through the periphery of your vision. Meanwhile, your cyborg croupier waits patiently and for eternity. He even waves back when you do! The most disappointing aspect of the whole thing is that once you remove your headset you remember how shitty reality is.

If Microgaming weren’t endearing enough already then they also have a green screen where a subject can be superimposed into the big swordy throne thing from Game Of Thrones. Keep your eye out for a picture of that featuring your intrepid reporter very soon!

Across from Microgaming’s fun house lay Game Insight, a company out of both Lithuania and Russia hawking their latest venture: X Mercs.

Ever remember X-Com? The point-and-click turn-based series that spawned countless sequels and imitators. Ask an older gamer about X-Com and their eyes might just glaze over at the memory. X Mercs is a slicker, more colorful and very fun looking rehash of the old themes. Pick your squad, tool them up and go fight some mutants. No lengthy cut scenes either. We must be in heaven, brothers and sisters.

Away from the fun and frivolity of gaming, let’s talk encryption. Hey, stop making a noise at the back and pay attention. Brazilian start up Sikur are taking massive, early strides to become world leaders in data encryption. As their ominous but on-point slogan has it: “Do you know what’s more valuable than money or jewels? Information.”

Sitting down to chat with one of the reps, Sikur’s platform is quite the marvel. It’s essentially p2p file sharing but with protected info. Sikur don’t have the keys, only the end user. Sikur is simply the middle man of the operation. They also have their own phone, the GranitePhone, which promises to be the world’s most locked-down piece of tech outside of the military and government. They’ve sold out on the GranitePhone pre-orders in three days of conferencing. If that isn’t a healthy endorsement of their product, then what is?

Rounding off today’s (mis) adventures were Signaturit and Wave Control. The former is looking to provide you with an easy and stress-free way to send and receive documents that require a signature. It’s perfect for the type of person who a) travels abroad a lot/away from the office or b) leaves everything until the last awful minute. Sign up, and by adding to the end of any recipient’s email address and the form and template will be provided for you. It’s an interesting concept, it’s just a shame my handwriting when using a touchscreen looks like a wild horse has had a go instead.

Wave Control are very much the modern start up when it comes to their philosophy. Their range of devices are designed to monitor electro-magnetic fields in areas where the device is used. It’s ideal for those concerned with public health, looking to put a building’s foundations down or hell, even the curious.

Given that the European Union has passed a directive coming into force in 2016 that puts ‘acceptable’ levels of EMF in the spotlight, Wave Control look like they’re ready to hit the shore with perfect timing.

Meet me back here for part three tomorrow. I’ll cry if you don’t.

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