In a previous article, Lola Lovely, began looking at how men can cope with hair-loss. Today she continues with some more advice.

Hair loss can have a huge psychological impact on men. Especially since many men associate hair loss with growing old and losing their youth or their pull with women. While we sympathize with this, hair loss doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Many men out there are rolling with their hair loss with different hair cuts or treatments. In part 1 we covered dealing with hair loss and different options available to those wanting to prevent hair loss. Here we want to continue by offering more ways to deal with hair loss.

balding with grace


While you could work on treating baldness, our advice is to come to terms with the fact that you’re balding. It’s not easy, we know, but it’ll be better for you in the long run than a comb over you’re not fooling anyone with.

  • It’ll be cheaper, just a haircut and viola!
  • Less stress about your hair. No longer wonder if you hair looks natural, if your toupee is sitting right or the Rogaine is working!
  • You can now join the ranks of hot hairless men such as Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Patrick Stewart, The Rock, Stanley Tucci and of course, Bruce Willis!

Having the right haircut isn’t the only thing that’ll keep you looking hot when balding. The key to Balding with Grace is two-fold. Having the right haircut AND confidence.


Sure, any man can go get a good haircut. But if you want to be that guy with an awesome haircut AND who is also magnetic, then my friend, you need confidence. You need to own it. Whatever stage your hair loss is at, understand that it doesn’t define you as a man. You can still have a kick ass life! Basically, if you don’t make a big fuss about your hair, no one else will.

When in doubt

Generally, when most men start to bald, they just shave it all off. However, not everyone can or wants to pull off the clean shaven look. So we say, to begin with, short hair is better than long. In fact, please don’t be that long haired balding guy. Unless you’re a wizard. Or want to be Hulk Hogan. Also, no tying your last strands of hair in a ponytail either. Not only might that encourage your hair to fall off, it also looks bad.

We’ll be back with some more useful tips later!

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